Character Luck

vaultOr lack of it. Over the years it’s hard not to notice a trend. Catwynn has no luck. Well not NO luck, she did manage to get the Reins of the Raven Lord somewhere past 160 tries. In general though she’s not the one who gets the mounts or clothes she’s looking for.

And she has NEVER received Blingtron’s Secret Vault mission which irks her no end now that she has all these Treasure Hunters. The rest of the crew for the most part have had that mission once but then there’s Cim.

I’m pretty sure that Warlock has had it three times. She’s the one who collected most of the mounts. She has a bank stuffed with clothes she wanted and got.

What’s going on here.

hemThree characters at this point have a Salvage Yard. Both Cat and Cim do. Cat loves it, she gets lots of greens to vendor, an occasional low level epic. It’s all good. But Cim received two level 100 BoE epics from her Salvage Yard … really nice ones. She made about 50,000 from them.

If it were just the Salvage Yard I’d say she’d made some kind of nefarious deal with Helmsley but this luck pretty much covers everything. I know, I know. It’s my imagination … gotta be. And don’t get me wrong, I’m quite pleased but it makes me uneasy. She is after all a Warlock.

Any one else notice a marked difference between their character’s luck? If not I’d better start checking the alts, I wouldn’t put it past her to have sold one of their souls. Jeez … Warlocks.

10 Responses to “Character Luck”

  1. My hunter managed to get the camera upgrade just as my priest received the basic camera. My alts have also seen both Harrison and Kura while my priest had to invite herself to other people’s garrisons most days.

    • Cat had to depend on an alt for the camera, she never got it. And just like your priest she has to visit other garrisons almost every day as usually Muradin is the only one who visits her.

      Maybe there’s a thing called “alt luck!”

  2. Umm, you might know my answer to your question!

  3. LOL, Kal (Alliance) got his camera before Fnor (Horde) did and then topped it off with the upgrade. Yep, I sometimes think that there are marked differences in RNG for some characters than others – my Horde has had tremendous luck with “followers” and my Alliance folks just seem to majorly be the lower end of the spectrum even with the upgrades for them. Treasure hunting, the Alliance seems to be a bit better at that part of the game than my Horde and I play a lot on the Horde too.

    • I know, it’s so weird but they do seem to have certain differences. For example, when my two Warlocks were dressed exactly the same, same iLevel, same enchants, etc. the Forsaken Warlock was deadlier than the Human. Can’t figure that out. Maybe I was more reckless with her cause she was already dead, what did she have to lose!

  4. I had torn down all of my salvage shacks in favor of enchanting shacks (my girls need a ton of dust), but decided to put back Kellda the Warlock’s instead of her bank. We shall see – hoping for warlock mojo.

  5. I tried to comment but wouldn’t go thru, trying again. >> I’m terrible with remembering which missions I have or haven’t had but I can say my salvage yards have not all been kind. I managed to get the whole druid boosted set BUT what I wanted was the pally set and as of yet I’ve only gotten the mace =(

    • Oh no! Glad you finally got through! I hope your luck changes. My warlock is so mercenary she vendors everything without even seeing if one of the other characters might want it.

      I know the Hunter could really have used one of the epics she sold on the AH but that heartless warlock didn’t care.

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