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Camping Tome and Cat’s Animal Shelter

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campingtomeIs Cat out trapping for Savage Blood production? Is she finishing her Sha’tari Defense rep grind? Is she involved in ANY worthwhile activity? Nope. The hunt for Warleader Tome started innocently enough but now it’s become a vendetta.

I mean the Outrider’s Bridle Chain is nice, but Cat really? What about all the alts depending on you for clothes, this isn’t fair. Hmm, she’s ignoring me.

cimbotaniWell surely the Warlock isn’t involved in foolishness … WHAT! Cim! You too with the toys?

I thought the Botani Camouflage would make a nice outfit to strut about in so I might have killed Basten a few times or so.

Was it all you had hoped?

Not really … I can’t strut, I can only stand still. Not quite what I had planned.

Ah, I see what’s going on here. You guys are getting close to 150 toys aren’t you, toy fever has set in.

While we’re on the topic of aberrant behavior I wanted to mention Cat’s little problem. She can’t delete battle pets. Doesn’t matter if no one wants them. She won’t delete them. I think she CAN’T delete them.

I think it’s a Druid thing and her animal shelter is wreaking havoc with our bag space.

Just a quick look at the Mage bank alt’s bags revealed:

Pandaren Earth Spirit

Lil’ Bling

Multiple Iron Starlettes

Multiple Ashstone Core

Multiple Corefire Imp

Fragment of Anger


Leviathan Hatchling

Young Talbuk

If anyone can give a home to any of these battle pets just let me know your character’s name and realm and I’ll be happy to deliver it if you’re US or Oceanic. At the rate Cat’s going we’ll have to start throwing out transmog gear to accommodate her animal shelter.

I don’t want to call her a hoarder … but … well … she’s kind of a battle pet hoarder.


Carnage, Shoulders and RNG’s Sense of Humor

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ogrekillI have all these screen shots again for posts I didn’t write so here comes a mish-mash of stuff. First, I don’t know if anyone else is like this but I have a definite preference for killing Ogres.

I mean if Cat is after Apexis Crystals she’ll pay Sergeant Crowler 200 garrison resources for a Broken Precipice Scouting Missive when she could go somewhere else for free. I know! Crazy Cat!

This isn’t recent either, I remember back in BC hanging around Nagrand decimating the Ogre population. There is just something so satisfying about Ogre killing. Anyone else have a particular favorite or is it just me?

newlookCat was really mad that I left that screen shot with those hideous shoulders up that long. During the last round of liebstering there was a question about your favorite Tier. Cat decided to look and found she liked the Tier 5 set and it was fairly easy to get. She’s got to find some shoes and a cloak but she’s pretty happy now.

depletedYes … HAHA! What an ironic sense of humor you have RNG. I wanted the Depleted-Kyparium Rocket all through MoP. Where … you know … I could fly. RNG gives it to me now. I hear RNG laughing. If I ever meet RNG I’m going to kick his ass … just like an Ogre.

fargoOh! Here’s another! Cim the Warlock is the character with an Inn. I see she is now recruiting followers by how pretty they dress and their name rather than abilities and traits. I do admit Permelia is quite pretty in person, she sparkles.

And Fargo Flintlocke … where do I know that name from? Oh man! He’s the one who sent me off to Twilight Highlands in that broken down aircraft! Wow! Hey Fargo! Nice to see you again.

Welp, that’s it. I do have another but Cat won’t let me post it. It’s a selfie she took. She says it makes her nose look big and her arm looks like it’s made of putty. She was trying to get Helke in the picture but I guess her giant nose obscured her … Ouch! OW! Cut it out Cat, I was just joking!

Jeez … Druids are so sensitive aren’t they.

The Spirit of OLRG Lives!

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catshouldersCat’s been feeling a little down lately. She got these shoulders from a mission and Mr. Robot told her she had to wear them. She always obeys Mr. Robot but she’s embarrassed. What are they? Night Elf ear camouflage?

errisShe even had something she wanted to tell everyone. I kept telling her to post it but she just didn’t feel like it. She joined a custom group for Erris and since it was the only Erris listed it was a big crowd, you could barely make out Erris standing there.

Cat found out that if you except the quest from Erris you can then go back to your own Garrison and she’ll be there, minus the crowd! Yeah, it’s pretty bad when Cat doesn’t even feel like talking about pets.

hatesparkhelkeLOOK! LOOK! LOOK!

What in the world has gotten Cat out of her funk … OH! Cat! I see! Where in the world did you get Hatespark the Tiny? You lucky Cat!

Oh, I should have known! Helke the Fairy Godmother of Pets! The last time Matty got the OLRG together was for Molten Core for the pony, Cat never even dreamed she’d ever have Hatespark!

Thank you so much Helke! The spirit of OLRG lives! And Cat has come out of her stupid shoulders mood, last I saw her she was heading out to beat up poor Ashlei’s pets with Hatespark in tow.

OMG! Somebody Shoot Me Now!

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cimringI’ve had my first freaking WOW SENIOR MOMENT. SHIT! I’ve been playing since November 2006 and this is without a doubt the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Some time ago I noticed Cim’s iLevel was almost as high as Cat’s.

I was a little puzzled about how that happened but just shrugged and moved on which is pretty strange itself. I didn’t wonder how she’d zoomed up in iLevel?

Wow, they really ruined the joy that was Destruction … man … Cim’s so sluggish. Not much fun anymore. I’ll take a look at what she’s wearing but I can’t do much about it unless she get’s lucky …WTF! CIM! What the hell are you wearing on your finger?

Okay, I’m not taking all the blame here. I didn’t buy it, I certainly didn’t get it raiding … I think I know what this is. This just screams Warlock arrogance. Cim’s been so lucky with Salvage Crates I’ll bet she got that from a crate, saw it was epic and just equipped. It wouldn’t DARE not be for her spec. See, it was the Warlock, not me. Well, she’s sure in a fix now. Jeez Cim, how embarrassing.

matureSo last night I made that horrific discovery. This morning I started my early morning blog reading. I go to Navi’s blog and what do I see? Crap! The word is already all over town! I think they’re using “Mature” as a euphemism for old geezer who equips strength rings on a Warlock.

Well smarty pants Entropia you got something wrong! I’m not a guy, hahahahahaha! Where’s my seductive older gentleman? You think you’re so smart! I think it would work better if you had a sexy older star in your ad.

matureclintWelp. Okay … yeah … maybe not.

Got to go. I promised I’d go see if I could restore whatever ring she had on before. She said she’s not leaving her Garrison until I do. Got my fingers crossed.





A Pictorial Review of a Week in Draenor

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nbcI took all these screen shots but now I feel really lazy. I’m sure at the time I had a lot to say about them but … yeah … I forgot. This one I think I remember. It is frightening how long it took me to get this. Obviously the name means something … hmmm. It’s a peacock stupid! Enbi’see! NBC! Get it? Sigh …

laborissueI’m experiencing labor issues at my Garrison. A long, long time after an invasion is over these chickens are still hiding out in the mine. Now as far as I’m concerned that bitch Rachelle Black can stay down there forever but I really needed Ashley Zerep the primal trader one day and could not find her anywhere. So …

gronsunYes! Finally! I really love custom groups! I had about given up on ever seeing Poundfist and getting that Sunhide Gronnling but I finally did. He’s really too big for riding around, he doesn’t fit in doorways. I keep getting stuck, but as intimidation?

Yes! Next time I find loitering employees in the mine I’ll jump on that sucker and have a few words with them while he pounds his chest. That ought to fix my labor problems.

blookgoneCat finally snapped. She was so tired of Blook getting in the way. HEY! HEY! I’m talking to you! Don’t pretend you don’t hear me Blook! You’re obstructing my pet battles! Move it! She finally bought a follower she didn’t want or need to be able to deactivate him. She’s much happier so I guess it was worth it.

mageminingOh … this one’s sad. I can’t believe that the Archmage Vargoth I first met in Netherstorm has come to this. Cat, really? I know he has mining but come on, it’s Archmage Vargoth for heavens sake. No perk is worth this. Can’t you put Blook down here or something? Man, that’s really harsh. That’s not like you, did he say something?

I don’t know what’s going on there. And speaking of guilt trips.

phantaEvery time I login to Dragonblight to play the new Alliance Rogue box opener this screen appears. Phanta is not the last one I played, she isn’t at the top of the character list. EVERY time she’s standing there looking pathetic as if to say, I’m here! Pick me! Pick me!

It’s really bad when your characters try to manipulate you. Nice try Phanta! It’s not going to work! No way!

Yeah … it’s kinda working. That’s even weirder.