A Pictorial Review of a Week in Draenor

nbcI took all these screen shots but now I feel really lazy. I’m sure at the time I had a lot to say about them but … yeah … I forgot. This one I think I remember. It is frightening how long it took me to get this. Obviously the name means something … hmmm. It’s a peacock stupid! Enbi’see! NBC! Get it? Sigh …

laborissueI’m experiencing labor issues at my Garrison. A long, long time after an invasion is over these chickens are still hiding out in the mine. Now as far as I’m concerned that bitch Rachelle Black can stay down there forever but I really needed Ashley Zerep the primal trader one day and could not find her anywhere. So …

gronsunYes! Finally! I really love custom groups! I had about given up on ever seeing Poundfist and getting that Sunhide Gronnling but I finally did. He’s really too big for riding around, he doesn’t fit in doorways. I keep getting stuck, but as intimidation?

Yes! Next time I find loitering employees in the mine I’ll jump on that sucker and have a few words with them while he pounds his chest. That ought to fix my labor problems.

blookgoneCat finally snapped. She was so tired of Blook getting in the way. HEY! HEY! I’m talking to you! Don’t pretend you don’t hear me Blook! You’re obstructing my pet battles! Move it! She finally bought a follower she didn’t want or need to be able to deactivate him. She’s much happier so I guess it was worth it.

mageminingOh … this one’s sad. I can’t believe that the Archmage Vargoth I first met in Netherstorm has come to this. Cat, really? I know he has mining but come on, it’s Archmage Vargoth for heavens sake. No perk is worth this. Can’t you put Blook down here or something? Man, that’s really harsh. That’s not like you, did he say something?

I don’t know what’s going on there. And speaking of guilt trips.

phantaEvery time I login to Dragonblight to play the new Alliance Rogue box opener this screen appears. Phanta is not the last one I played, she isn’t at the top of the character list. EVERY time she’s standing there looking pathetic as if to say, I’m here! Pick me! Pick me!

It’s really bad when your characters try to manipulate you. Nice try Phanta! It’s not going to work! No way!

Yeah … it’s kinda working. That’s even weirder.

11 Responses to “A Pictorial Review of a Week in Draenor”

  1. Oh wow, grats on another mount. I like using that Follower Miniaturisation Device from the Barracks when they’re in the way.

  2. Congratz on the mount!! Looks like I have to get busy on my capped players and get caught up!!

    • I’ve become pretty lazy. I do a lot of missions and then look through the custom groups to see if anything interesting is going on. I need to get back to leveling. They’re growing impatient!

      • I know that I have been playing quite a few of my lowbies since the heirloom feature was added – I need to start working on my cap level characters and get back into the groove of the achievements again – however, I’m having way too much fun in the Old Content.

  3. “NBC” makes me wonder just how many non-Americans will get that joke. There was an NPC performing an investigation –maybe it’s the one at the Shady Rest Inn in Dustwallow Marsh– who was based on a character from CSI: Miami. I, having never watched the show, just thought the NPC weird.

    • I know, I liked it once I got it but it’s rather limited to the states. I remember reading a post about the CSI guy on a European blog so maybe the shows get around but I doubt NBC is that famous worldwide. Er, sorry NBC.

  4. Forget the non-Americans – what about anyone under 40? I got it Tome…I got it….lol

  5. Wow, Vargoth must have REALLY done something naughty to overcome Cat’s softness for human males! So he probably deserves a few weeks of hard labour…

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