OMG! Somebody Shoot Me Now!

cimringI’ve had my first freaking WOW SENIOR MOMENT. SHIT! I’ve been playing since November 2006 and this is without a doubt the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Some time ago I noticed Cim’s iLevel was almost as high as Cat’s.

I was a little puzzled about how that happened but just shrugged and moved on which is pretty strange itself. I didn’t wonder how she’d zoomed up in iLevel?

Wow, they really ruined the joy that was Destruction … man … Cim’s so sluggish. Not much fun anymore. I’ll take a look at what she’s wearing but I can’t do much about it unless she get’s lucky …WTF! CIM! What the hell are you wearing on your finger?

Okay, I’m not taking all the blame here. I didn’t buy it, I certainly didn’t get it raiding … I think I know what this is. This just screams Warlock arrogance. Cim’s been so lucky with Salvage Crates I’ll bet she got that from a crate, saw it was epic and just equipped. It wouldn’t DARE not be for her spec. See, it was the Warlock, not me. Well, she’s sure in a fix now. Jeez Cim, how embarrassing.

matureSo last night I made that horrific discovery. This morning I started my early morning blog reading. I go to Navi’s blog and what do I see? Crap! The word is already all over town! I think they’re using “Mature” as a euphemism for old geezer who equips strength rings on a Warlock.

Well smarty pants Entropia you got something wrong! I’m not a guy, hahahahahaha! Where’s my seductive older gentleman? You think you’re so smart! I think it would work better if you had a sexy older star in your ad.

matureclintWelp. Okay … yeah … maybe not.

Got to go. I promised I’d go see if I could restore whatever ring she had on before. She said she’s not leaving her Garrison until I do. Got my fingers crossed.





12 Responses to “OMG! Somebody Shoot Me Now!”

  1. I wore a tanking cloak on my mage Ceniza during questing as kind of an FU to Blizz. Do not worry: they’re trying to make us crazy.

    • I couldn’t even restore whatever she had as I must have had a derp moment recently. She’s got to wait 10 days.

      If I tried to level a Mage I’d have to be in FULL stamina gear. So far I’ve not gone past level 53 I think with one.

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Once I did an entire raid with a grey cloth belt I accidentally equipped instead of vendored so yeah…you’re not alone šŸ˜‰
    My personal favorite derp moment was tanking LFR with my Safari Hat.
    Now that I think about it, I have a lot of those “moments” lol.

  3. Too funny! I refuse to wear my Safari Hat because I know I would leave it on forever. I still forget to take off my Kirin Tor ring and Black Temple necklace, though. Oh, and my Orgrimmar cloak. I think the hat is probably the least of my worries, I’d better dust it off then…

    • Oh! I forgot the Kirin Tor ring, I was always equipping that to get to Dalaran and then forgetting it.

      We must not have been the only ones who forgot the hat and maybe that’s why they made it a buff now. It’s safe to use again!

  4. haha, I think we might all have done this at some stage. for me personally it was having the wrong engineer tinker on until my partner asked me why i was using it … and it had been on ages šŸ˜€

    • I feel a bit better then, what gets me though is I see I even enchanted the ring without noticing the stats. I’m going to blame it on Cim, maybe she did it when I wasn’t around!

  5. Dangfool Says:

    Ring of the Plumber? Does Cim even have that profession?
    -fetch my reading glasses-
    Oh, Ring of Plunder? I think that sounds like the perfect ring for Cim

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