The Spirit of OLRG Lives!

catshouldersCat’s been feeling a little down lately. She got these shoulders from a mission and Mr. Robot told her she had to wear them. She always obeys Mr. Robot but she’s embarrassed. What are they? Night Elf ear camouflage?

errisShe even had something she wanted to tell everyone. I kept telling her to post it but she just didn’t feel like it. She joined a custom group for Erris and since it was the only Erris listed it was a big crowd, you could barely make out Erris standing there.

Cat found out that if you except the quest from Erris you can then go back to your own Garrison and she’ll be there, minus the crowd! Yeah, it’s pretty bad when Cat doesn’t even feel like talking about pets.

hatesparkhelkeLOOK! LOOK! LOOK!

What in the world has gotten Cat out of her funk … OH! Cat! I see! Where in the world did you get Hatespark the Tiny? You lucky Cat!

Oh, I should have known! Helke the Fairy Godmother of Pets! The last time Matty got the OLRG together was for Molten Core for the pony, Cat never even dreamed she’d ever have Hatespark!

Thank you so much Helke! The spirit of OLRG lives! And Cat has come out of her stupid shoulders mood, last I saw her she was heading out to beat up poor Ashlei’s pets with Hatespark in tow.

8 Responses to “The Spirit of OLRG Lives!”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    Yay for Hatespark the Bankrupter! 😀

    Yeah, Mr. Robot has no fashion sense whatsoever lol.

    • She has a transmog she’s been trying to put together but every week she tries for the legs with no luck. Once she get’s that put together we can say goodbye to those shoulders!

  2. Heike the Fairy Godmother strikes again! She’s awesome! 🙂 I had no idea you didn’t go back in and get that pet. And can I help you with the shoulders you’re looking for, or are they under control?

    • No, I didn’t go back. I figured with my luck I’d never see the little guy and I’d just buy him. I didn’t know at least on my server his price would be exorbitantly high.

      She’s trying for leg tokens to complete her set but every week she goes to Serpentshrine Cavern and gets three tokens for everyone BUT a Druid, lol.

  3. Awesome little pet!! Still haven’t gotten there yet, however, I will eventually.

    Ah yes, shoulders, I’ve had a couple of sets that all I could see of my Blood Elf was the top of his head for the most part – hehe, built in blinders so he can’t see what’s coming at him next.

  4. Cat looks so… SERIOUS

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