Carnage, Shoulders and RNG’s Sense of Humor

ogrekillI have all these screen shots again for posts I didn’t write so here comes a mish-mash of stuff. First, I don’t know if anyone else is like this but I have a definite preference for killing Ogres.

I mean if Cat is after Apexis Crystals she’ll pay Sergeant Crowler 200 garrison resources for a Broken Precipice Scouting Missive when she could go somewhere else for free. I know! Crazy Cat!

This isn’t recent either, I remember back in BC hanging around Nagrand decimating the Ogre population. There is just something so satisfying about Ogre killing. Anyone else have a particular favorite or is it just me?

newlookCat was really mad that I left that screen shot with those hideous shoulders up that long. During the last round of liebstering there was a question about your favorite Tier. Cat decided to look and found she liked the Tier 5 set and it was fairly easy to get. She’s got to find some shoes and a cloak but she’s pretty happy now.

depletedYes … HAHA! What an ironic sense of humor you have RNG. I wanted the Depleted-Kyparium Rocket all through MoP. Where … you know … I could fly. RNG gives it to me now. I hear RNG laughing. If I ever meet RNG I’m going to kick his ass … just like an Ogre.

fargoOh! Here’s another! Cim the Warlock is the character with an Inn. I see she is now recruiting followers by how pretty they dress and their name rather than abilities and traits. I do admit Permelia is quite pretty in person, she sparkles.

And Fargo Flintlocke … where do I know that name from? Oh man! He’s the one who sent me off to Twilight Highlands in that broken down aircraft! Wow! Hey Fargo! Nice to see you again.

Welp, that’s it. I do have another but Cat won’t let me post it. It’s a selfie she took. She says it makes her nose look big and her arm looks like it’s made of putty. She was trying to get Helke in the picture but I guess her giant nose obscured her … Ouch! OW! Cut it out Cat, I was just joking!

Jeez … Druids are so sensitive aren’t they.

4 Responses to “Carnage, Shoulders and RNG’s Sense of Humor”

  1. Any druid wearing that Stormrider tier is a must have as a follower IMO!

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Wait, what?? Where did you get the rocket? Was it in a Bling gift? Super Grats on that!

    You’re not the only one who picks followers based on the “best” outfit lol 😉

    • Thanks! My engineer makes sure to put up a Bling every day as she’s trying to get all the encoded messages for the achievement and she got this great ride instead!

      Lol! Yes, if people are going to loiter in our garrisons they might as well be well dressed!

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