Camping Tome and Cat’s Animal Shelter

campingtomeIs Cat out trapping for Savage Blood production? Is she finishing her Sha’tari Defense rep grind? Is she involved in ANY worthwhile activity? Nope. The hunt for Warleader Tome started innocently enough but now it’s become a vendetta.

I mean the Outrider’s Bridle Chain is nice, but Cat really? What about all the alts depending on you for clothes, this isn’t fair. Hmm, she’s ignoring me.

cimbotaniWell surely the Warlock isn’t involved in foolishness … WHAT! Cim! You too with the toys?

I thought the Botani Camouflage would make a nice outfit to strut about in so I might have killed Basten a few times or so.

Was it all you had hoped?

Not really … I can’t strut, I can only stand still. Not quite what I had planned.

Ah, I see what’s going on here. You guys are getting close to 150 toys aren’t you, toy fever has set in.

While we’re on the topic of aberrant behavior I wanted to mention Cat’s little problem. She can’t delete battle pets. Doesn’t matter if no one wants them. She won’t delete them. I think she CAN’T delete them.

I think it’s a Druid thing and her animal shelter is wreaking havoc with our bag space.

Just a quick look at the Mage bank alt’s bags revealed:

Pandaren Earth Spirit

Lil’ Bling

Multiple Iron Starlettes

Multiple Ashstone Core

Multiple Corefire Imp

Fragment of Anger


Leviathan Hatchling

Young Talbuk

If anyone can give a home to any of these battle pets just let me know your character’s name and realm and I’ll be happy to deliver it if you’re US or Oceanic. At the rate Cat’s going we’ll have to start throwing out transmog gear to accommodate her animal shelter.

I don’t want to call her a hoarder … but … well … she’s kind of a battle pet hoarder.


14 Responses to “Camping Tome and Cat’s Animal Shelter”

  1. Good to see you’re back. Vacation?

    • I’m here, lurking on blogs, lol. Usually on the cursed iPad so I don’t try to comment. Real life has changed rather drastically as we’ve moved my mother in with us as she no longer could manage on her own. Little old ladies take a lot of wrangling!

      • Oh, I can just imagine. I am SO not looking forward to that day when one of my parents ends up in our house. Fortunately, that might be a while off.

  2. Young Talbuk please

  3. I hope those pets are neutered and spayed, else Cat could find herself with an ever-growing menagerie!

  4. I know how you feel. When pets first became account-bound I was way over my quota so I couldn’t even capture any wilds to add to my collection. My lack of bag space meant I couldn’t even cage my extras (for storage) so they ended up getting deleted =/

    Hope you can find good homes for all your extras.

    • I know, it just kills me to delete a pet. I won’t even go into how many Imperial Moths are taking up bag space. I’m happy I’ve found homes for at least two of them!

  5. I’d take Abyssius if no one else wants him, please 🙂 See if I can help with the bag space a little at least. Myself I just need to see if I can find some server or another where people will buy phoenix hawk hatchlings. Got just a few of those.

  6. Yes, those pesky pets seem to take up a lot of space. I had multiples of them from being crazy with alts. I really just started doing more in pet battling they do add up really fast – more pets.

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