Oddities, Idiosyncrasies, and a Whine

ironsallyreturnsIt’s not as if I didn’t have to feel enough guilt about things in real life. I feel guilt about the situations I get my characters in. I don’t know that Ironsally will give a try at level 100 but I felt guilty about abandoning her on an inhospitable PvP server.  It really bothered me.

So I’ve never figured out why my husband thinks he has to give me a Mother’s Day present … I’m not his mother. Nevertheless he always asks what I’d like. I told him a server transfer for Ironsally.

Does anyone else have this problem? Do you know how hard it is to get a non-gamer to believe this is a REAL present? He laughed and said, what do you really want. I REALLY WANT a server transfer.

Okay get that, but what REAL thing would you like? Jeeezzzz. I give up. There’s no changing him but at least now Ironsally is somewhere safe.

benjbAw … Cat … give Benjamin Brode a break would you. Cat is fascinated by the avoidance mojo everyone at the garrison has. She purposely stands in Ben’s way just to watch him walk around her.

Her other big entertainment is after trapping in Nagrand she heads to Sunspring Watchpost and stealths around through the shrubbery to make it wave. She especially enjoys doing it close to Orcs.

Hey! Fred! Fred! Did you see that? Is there a breeze? Look at that grass waving around, what the hell is that about? Spooky.

Magrok, have you been buying that Nitro Fuel again? I told you you’d start seeing things if you didn’t knock it off.

onlythepI got a chuckle out of this. There were at least two other groups for Only the Penitent that formed and were filled while this person was still waiting after twenty minutes. I wonder if they ever realized shouting, KNOW YOUR STUFF might be less than welcoming … wonder if they ever got a group.

altachieveEvery time my sixth or seventh alt gets an achievement like this I feel sorry for them. All my character are saying things like, that’s so five years ago. Been there, done that. I wish they wouldn’t do that. Poor little boosted Rogue.

illusionDoes anyone know how you get this illusion? I saw someone with it and used Ai-Li’s Skymirror to borrow it and found out they had used a Skymirror too and didn’t know what it was. I  love that, although it was pretty cramped when I went back to the garrison.

selfieThis has nothing to do with anything but it’s the only selfie Cat’s taken that we like. I’ll stick it here before my whine. I fear that I’ll sound like a bratty, little thirteen year old but sometimes I’m puzzled by Blizzard.

Cim had an invasion and put up a custom group. We got Platinum, I think Cim was the lowest iLevel at 666. I think the others were in the eighties. Usually, aside from the Garrison Boss once and the mount I don’t get anything in the bag.

This time I got something. Oh! This will be good! Oh! I wonder what … an iLevel 645 weapon? Seriously? Either I’m really bad, which is possible, or sometimes Blizzard seems out of touch. I really don’t see a group that would be able to get a Platinum being dressed in something where iLevel 645 would be considered a reward.

Sometimes rep rewards seem that way too, by the time I ever get to exalted I have no interest in the stuff they’ll “allow” me to buy. So yeah … there’s my whine.

peachickYeah … I don’t want to end on a whine. I want to end on an uplifting, wonderful high! Fairy Godmother Helke, thank you! Your Fragment of Desire completed my Raiding with Leashes AND AND AND Everbloom Peachick! Cat thought she’d have to wait until the next expansion to go back and get it! Now it is hers!

See, in spite of iLevel 645 weapons all is good in the land! Well … virtual land … oh, you know what I mean.

15 Responses to “Oddities, Idiosyncrasies, and a Whine”

  1. I feel the same way with alts and their achievements. Nice to see you found a safe realm and have yet to see a garrison boss.

    • Yeah, I’m happy she’s on a pve server now so if I want to try to get her to 100 I could. Those garrison bosses seem to be pretty rare drops as I keep checking to see if there are groups for them but no luck.

  2. I am still chuckling over the mom’s day thing: last night the maitre’d asked me on the phone if I was making my own mother’s day reservations…lol! Yes, yes I was.

    • It’s funny, Mother’s Day and my birthday are the only occasions I can get away with requesting take-out pizza for dinner. I think the only other one in the family who is with me on that is my son-in-law. WoW player solidarity!

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    Glad you got your server transfer!
    I’d be perfectly happy with a mount/pet from the Shop for “gift” occasions, but if they don’t play WoW (or similar games) they just don’t get it. 😛

  4. Last year I actually got a pet from the Blizzard pet store from my completely gaming illiterate mother, well more accurately she transferred me the money for a pet. She still occasionally asks me how the pet is 🙂 I thought that was a pretty cool present from a non-gamer.

  5. It is! It’s so rare that a non-gaming person excepts that these things are important to us even if they aren’t real in the real world sense.

  6. Phew, I bet Ironsally’s really relieved to be on a safe server now!

    That’s a lovely picture of Cat!

    I keep wishing that I could just kick Benjamin Brode out of my garrison. I bought his stuff, now could he just go away, please?

  7. Well I”m happy Ironsally has found somewhere she can play without being slaughtered! And Benjamin Brode is showing his face! He has a funny mask on in my garrison. And grats on your achieve!

    • I know, playing in crappy clothes is hard enough without people beating you up, lol.

      Someday soon I hope I get to see him in his mask if I ever get my Horde characters going.

  8. Haha, loved the mother’s day story! To non-WoW-players, giving a WoW-gift, is basically asking them to give a gift they don’t understand. They understand that it’s a GOOD gift, but not really why it’s good.

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