From a Small Molehill I Made a Towering Mountain

sallyandsonIronsally is happily back to safety because of the Mother’s Day gift from my husband. This morning she saw she had mail! For me? Who knows I’m here?

Oh Navi! Thank you! My Son of Sethe is beautiful, I love him! Hmm … I have this beautiful pet, I ought to take him around, show him the sights.

Sally, I don’t know. Wasn’t getting to level 85 enough? Seriously? You really want to make a try for 100? (I think she’s missing her glory days between you and me.)

YES! Yes! I mean I won’t take up all of your time but can’t we just try a little?

Sigh … oh alright. No promises, we’ll see how it goes. Where were you? Okay, Uldum it is.

Sally had a quest to kill those snakey things in the water. The first one died simultaneously with her Voidwalker. Sally, you used to be able to heal your minion. This might not work, just saying.

That one snake thingy was enough to reach 86. The next one keeled over dead with barely a bonk on the head. Big jump in power, really big one. This might work.

Sally continued on questing in Uldum. It’s kind of fun to get her out again. Maybe we’ll give it a try. Better have the bank alt check the AH for the next level of poor quality gear. Okay, at level 87 Scruffy gear is the next level available.

None for sale, not even one piece. Times have changed. If only she had a higher level on that server to grind up some Scruffy gear for her. Hmm …

Oh! This must be fate! Lessismora has just been sitting there doing nothing for ages. She was my “leveling in a Lovely Black Dress and a Black Diamond Ring” project. I see she’s sitting in the Wetlands with nothing to do. Soooo ..

Why not … I don’t know … boost her! She can get Sally Scruffy gear!


WHERE IS MY DREADSTEED? I cannot help you without my mount of choice.

Okay, okay, calm down. I’d forgotten about this weird way Blizzard implemented the boost. Only getting a few spells when you do a quest. Kind of annoying. Maybe your Dreadsteed will pop up from a quest. Give it time. Be patient.

I think a short scenario tutorial would have worked much better for boosted characters but what do I know.

So there we are. What started with a wonderful gift because Navi wanted her to have a companion on her new server has turned into another Ironsally production and now she has support staff.

What? Yeah … I’ll ah … I’ll just consider the boost another Mother’s Day present.

Welp, gotta go. Before Lessismora will help I have to find her Dreadsteed. Jeez … Warlocks are such divas.

12 Responses to “From a Small Molehill I Made a Towering Mountain”

  1. Dangfool Says:

    Those Divas sound like they’ve got a molehill coming to Mount Hyjal. Wait. I think I said that wrong.

    • Thank you! You just reminded me that I’ll bet she’s got quests there that were too hard before. Got to get all the leveling done she can before heading out to MoP.

  2. Usually I’d agree with you, but on this I’m going to have to side with the Warlocks. Dreadsteeds are minimum requirements for doing anything Warlockery!

    • Instead of leveling Sally I had to quest until Lessismora finally got her Dreadsteed. Now finally she’s ready to help. Dreadsteeds ARE apparently a requirement for Warlocks!

  3. I love that pet! I’m still working on the rep to buy it for myself.

    And gosh, yes, warlocks are super divas. Lol!

    • I really love him! The character I have with the rep to buy him is lazy about collecting Apexis so I don’t know when I would ever have been able to get him.

      And even though I complain I must like those divas since I have a bazillion Warlocks scattered over all the servers. I think it may be that I love those Dreadsteeds too!

  4. Oh nice! Cool was faster at grinding that rep so he gifted me the pet as well. I’m so glad we can trade the faction ones though because I don’t see myself grinding out those Alliance factions.

  5. Wait a minute… is Ironsally doing an ironthing? Is boosting allowed? And SoS is happy to have a home. At least someone is playing with him and taking him places.

  6. Congratz on the pet!! Oh yes, warlocks are definitely divas big time – I do have a couple that I need to work on too. 😀

    • Thank you! Sally thinks he looks just right for a Warlock.

      Yeah, you have to take care of those Warlocks, if they’re in a mood the threats they make are pretty scary. Cookies made out of little baby kittens and such. No wonder I do whatever they want, yike!

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