Saved by the Spirit Beast of Draenor

catkickingYeah … goat-kicking is usually a sign of unhappiness. Cat usually cheers right up after punting a few goats. I hate to be such a big, fat whiner but when they said Warlords of Draenor would be BRUTAL I thought they meant mean, scary creatures and suchlike.

I did NOT think it meant a brutal grindfest but that’s what I’m feeling right now. The world on the way to 100 was great, but I wonder who thought up this level 100 stuff. Is this like the Peter Principle? Did someone get promoted to their level of incompetence at Blizzard? Yes, I’m grumpy.

trunksCat finished up An Awfully Big Adventure and that was fun. I must say though that two people I thought were my BFFs gave me the most trouble. Sully the Pickle and I have some history, we went through some tough times in MoP together. Did he cut me a break? Hell no! He was awful! And Cymre too! I hope it wasn’t something I said.

Everyone has pretty much stopped mining their mines and picking their flowers. Cat has even stopped trapping. There must be SOMETHING to do other than sit in the garrison sending out missions or collecting stupidhead Apexis Crystals.

peacekeeperYeah … finish up the Sha’tari Defense rep grind, no grindfest there HAHAHA. No diplomacy … no high level peace talks … just ANNIHILATION. I guess that’s one way to keep the peace.

Hmm … let’s see … OMG! How did I forget that! I remember hearing about a Spirit Wolf, probably back at launch, how did I forget that! I can’t believe my Hunter hasn’t been yelling at me.

voidI used this guide to tame Gara, worked great. I drew that quest chain out for two days to make it last. It was great to have purpose again. Finally! A mission that I could do rather than my followers having all the fun. Oh … wait. Here’s a better picture.

hazeIsn’t she lovely? I named her Haze. Yes, don’t look at my Hunter, she has no fashion sense AT ALL. I love Cat the best but the Hunter, Zor, is probably closest to the real me. Talks to animals and is NOT a snappy dresser, that’s us.

So this is for any Beast Mastery Hunters out there who might have missed Gara. Go get her, she’s out there waiting for you!

21 Responses to “Saved by the Spirit Beast of Draenor”

  1. Ooh…I gotta do this now on my hunter. Mine you, she’s Hordie, so this should be fun…

  2. Once again you’ve saved the day (aka game) for me. Real life isn’t bad, it’s just refocused atm but that wolf…oh yeah!

    • Haanta needs that Wolf not to mention she’ll probably do it justice and make a matching outfit for it! I mentioned that to Zor and she just huffed off.

      • You crack me up! You’re the only other person I know that talks about/for their alts the way I do. I’m trying to get Sushel, my hunter, excited about the PURPLE wolf, but she’s not biting. She looks down her nose at the Pallies and Nelfs that are so into the Pretty Purple Pieces. Sushel is all about the practical and the utilitarian, she scoffs at the matchy-matchy girly girls.

        • She sounds just like my Hunter! Mine is into utility and stuff like those Goblin Army Knives that make a fire and double as jumper cables AND cut through Truesteel like butter. Not so much the clothes!

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    I got my Hunter just started on the Gara quest but she’s only level 92 so it’s going to take a while.
    Yeah…Sha’tari Defense rep…I’ve pretty much given up on that lol.

    • She has something to look forward to! Yeah, it’s not so bad if you can get in custom groups but I had to wait until weekends as there weren’t many forming in the day time. And then she can’t even wear the plate gear they’re trying to sell her!

  4. Dangfool Says:

    Gratz on your Peace keeping. I’m glad that we’ve given peace a chance.

  5. I have taking the occasional break and playing Diablo 3 with the cow level returning for a bit. Otherwise yes this game is getting to be too much of a grind

    • I’ve seen posts about that cow level and thought about playing Diablo but I get tired of starting over cause I don’t know what I’m doing, lol. I’m hoping 6.2 will be here soon otherwise I’ll have to start an alt from level one to hang around in the old world.

  6. [Obligatory shameless recruiting attempt] Have you tried Final Fantasy XIV yet? Maybe give it a trial next maintenance day, see if you like it! Plus, they have hats like this… 😀

    • Now that’s a hat! Hmm … I know I have it, I think it’s still installed. I don’t think I got very far and can’t remember why I left. I’ll have to dig around this computer and see if it’s still here.

  7. Oh I’ve been meaning to check out that wolf and I’m sorry I gave you so much trouble on your Elekk adventure. I’m just glad my strat is still reliable after that healing bug was fixed.

    • I thought you’d give me an easy time of it but you sure didn’t, lol!
      Yes, it was nice to rediscover the wolf at this time. I’ll have to poke around and see if there’s anything else I’ve forgotten about.

  8. […] But thank goodness once again Tome saved the day! Now I have something to live play for! I have sent Haanta on this quest. She’s now cooling her hooves in Frostridge until I come home from work, and before book club. We’re reading The Unexpected Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, and I’m not done yet. It’s really good. But all I want to do right now is hunt for effigies and purple wolves. Damn you real life! […]

  9. […] theorycrafter, beta baron, or suffering from delusions of adequacy, I relied on this guide, which Tome reminded me about long after I had forgotten […]

  10. Oh, there’s something to go after on my hunters – nice looking beast and it might rekindle my interest in Draenor for a while. 😀

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