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Savage Fishing, Perception and GAWWAI

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felfishingSo they said Warlords of Draenor was going to be savage and brutal and I think I’ve finally found the whole savage part … Felblight fishing. Since I don’t raid or do any of the expected types of gearing up I NEED Felblight. Okay, so try fishing Cat.

Holy Mother of The Old Gods! This is freaking dangerous! The best place Cat found to fish is around Hellfire Citadel but unfortunately she’s not really skilled at the jumping from rock to rock part.

Oops! Oops again! Cat! Watch out! The Fel Sludge will kill you if you get a stack of 10! Cat? Cat? Oh, she’s running back from the graveyard again. This isn’t going to make much sense if the price of repair out weights the price of just buying Felblight.

What’s that? You’re kidding, really? That’s great! Die all you want then!

fishbagCat just told me there’s no damage to your gear with Felblight death, I hope that’s not a glitch they’re going to fix because otherwise I don’t think this is going to make financial sense.

In what seemed like hours and hours of fishing (probably was about one hour) I managed to acquire two Felblight, that’s it.

Seven lunkers … two Felblight. I even got all mad every time I fished up a lunker because it wasn’t a Felblight.

I know! Felblight fishing was so savage it made me turn on lunkers!

Enough! Let’s see if any of the Hellbane rares are up. I would so love a Medallion of the Legion.

inviteOh Vengeance! Invite please! Oh Terrorfist! Invite please … dead. What the hell is going on, why even announce it if you’re not going to invite people … grumble. WHAT ARE THEY DOING?

So I’m fishing and Doomroller spawns right next to me. I announce it and the “can I get an invites” start rolling in. No, actually they came SCROLLING in so fast I couldn’t keep up.

I frantically tried to make sure I wasn’t leaving anyone out and almost missed the kill as someone pulled Doomroller and the whole thing was almost over before I could run over there and bonk Doomroller at least once.

Oh … now I see what they’re doing. Lesson learned. My apologies.

Jeez, all this savagery has me in a pissy mood. I think I might need to join a support group. I hear Matty might start up one, GAWWAI.

Grown Ass Women Who Are Infuriated.

They missed that one. Warlords of Draenor is savage, brutal and full of grown ass women who are infuriated. And who knows, she might even have to start a GAMWAI chapter.

I later found that a Medallion of the Legion does go a long way in dissipating the fury. There is that.

How Excited are You?

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Yeah, maybe I did have too much time on my hands this morning but I couldn’t help it. I just had to film Zor’s pet Haze freaking out with excitement over 6.2 tomorrow. I mean that had to be what it was, right?

murkyI had a list of things to get done before the patch. I FINALLY got Cat to leave Murky and get them done. Cat did most of her lunker fishing in Southport, she seems luckiest there. Lupas Lightsprocket has a pet Murky and one time she caught the tail-end of his song and dance routine and now she stands there hoping for an encore.

Cat! Cat! Come on! 100 lunkers won’t catch themselves!

striderCheck! Crimson Water Strider acquired! Cat claims it rides much smoother than the Azure Water Strider. Whatever makes you happy Cat. Hmm, let’s see what else …

janiumOkay, this wasn’t something that had to be done before 6.2 but Matty gave me an idea. I have struggled to have some kind of rapport with my DK since her creation. She was originally Human. I changed her to Worgen. Still not cutting it. I was convinced that if I had rapport I might actually make an effort to learn how to play a DK.

Behold Janinna! I mean Jannich. He has a wonderful bouncy ponytail. I think it will make all the difference, time will tell.

burningCheck! Acquire 500 Burning Blossoms and buy the Burning Defender’s Medallion toy before Tuesday. I don’t know if I’ll manage to get to the pets … it’ll give me something to do next year.

Happy Midsummer Fire Festival!


Field Photographer or I Need a WoW GPS Navigation System

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excusemeExcuse me? Um … I can see you’re busy but … oh maybe he’ll know. Pardon me, could you give me directions … I see, sorry to bother you.

After reading that Patch 6.2 was nearly upon us I decided it was time to finish up some things, namely Field Photographer. I had everything done except for The Frozen Throne.

I’m pretty much the same in Azeroth as IRL. If you drive me someplace, even repeatedly, I have no idea how to get there on my own. I wasn’t paying any attention, I was gawking out the window or contemplating my navel, who knows.

Same in Azeroth. Both Cat and Cim have been in ICC with people. I have NO IDEA where everything is or how to get there. I just blindly followed behind people who did know. And yeah … probably a few times I’d had a glass of wine by that point so it’s even harder in Azeroth.

It took me hours, yes hours. Go ahead and laugh … hours. And it was daytime so I didn’t even have the excuse of wine. Everything was peachy until Gunship.

A tip, if you’re level 100 and have at least mediocre gear DON’T JUMP TO THE SHIP. I did because I wanted to use my jetpack thingy. As I was jumping over I noticed that the fight was already over so then I was stuck circling Icecrown Citadel on the wrong ship. I had to jump to my death.

That’s right, on 10-man nobody can actually kill you but yourself, which of course I did.

Next problem was I couldn’t find Sindragosa. That took about an hour of aimlessly wandering around.

Done! Let’s go see Arthas!

Nope, I’d missed someone.

Googled “missed a boss in ICC can’t get to Arthas.”

It worked! The suggestion I found was the Blood Queen and they were right. The whole Arthas thing was kinda anticlimactic after all that.

My kingdom for a GPS addon.

natThe last thing on my list of “before 6.2” is finally buckling down on fishing up enough lunkers to buy the Crimson Water Strider. We’ll see how that goes.

For Elune’s sake stop with all the dramatics! I don’t know how many times I’ve told you I DON’T carry around a cooler of beer, grow up Nat!

Sigh …

Q&A, Music and Squatters

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ion-hazzikostasAs might be evident from my posts I sometimes … well pretty much ALL the time have a problem with focus. The Q&A was no different. I was trying to pay attention to what Halli … Hazzi … oh crap, Watcher said but I just couldn’t.

I was distracted most of the time by trying to figure out just WHAT color are his eyes? Were they tan, yellow? I also was spending way too much time trying to read the titles of stuff on the bookcase behind him.

As the recent flying kerfuffle made me realize, there are a WIDE range of play-styles. I couldn’t figure out why people seemed to see flying as just transportation because to me it’s an activity. After the reversal on flying and the introduction of Draenor Pathfinder I was truly surprised when many saw it as too much to do.

I didn’t realize that many would not have already completed most of the requirements so I obviously don’t know how people play which made me wonder if Blizzard does. Some of his comments made it seem like they think there are Mythic raiders, Normal raiders, LFRers, the end.


Um … do they know about us? I can’t be a special snowflake, there’s got to be more of me. Cat’s days are filled with things like freeing the poor slaves in the Bloodmaul Stronghold and debating where she’ll fish for lunkers based on the area with the best in-game music. I have quite a few favorites and one spot where I go to listen to the birds.

She had a VERY important mission to conclude today. She had to continue bashing poor level 90s to finally acquire the High Seas Music Roll because it’s very important to have a wide selection of music available when at home.

bandanaHachette’s mission in life is to pickpocket enough Dingy Iron Coins to buy a Barrel of Bandanas. I’m not sure why but hey, whatever floats her boat.

My alts were offended. He seemed confused by alts, that they should have a purpose. For example you’d have your raiding main and then maybe roll an alt to PvP. What? Where’s the fun in that, my … and I really don’t think of them as alts anyway they’re more like a big family.

I got the impression he thought people were plunking 5 or 6 alts down in the garrison solely to make a fortune. What? Yeah, okay … I’m doing that, but that’s not why they were created.

Back towards the end of BC before LFD Cat would try to get into groups. The answer was ALWAYS, you resto? When I answered no, I was met with silence. A sensible person would have rolled a healer but being pig-headed this pretty much ensured I’d NEVER be a healer.

So, end of expac. She was in a guild but only occasionally saw a guild member in the daytime unless someone took a sick day. Pugs were out, feral need not apply. I gave up on groups.

No level cap world content at the end of expansion?

Ironsally is born! And many, many others. Blizzard … um … I hate to bring up the dearth of level 100 content now that everything seems rosier but … in my case at least, you’re the daddy of all these alts.

I now sometimes feel like a squatter. Blizzard let me move in here assuming I would tow the line and conform. I would raid. But I was a sneaky little squatter.

I moved in. I didn’t get with the program. I refused to leave and proceeded to voraciously eat up the world content like some kind of demented termite.

Mythic, Normal, LFR and Voracious Termite.

Seriously though, this did make we wonder if Blizzard is aware of the vast spectrum of play styles amongst players. Here you have me, at the other end are serious raiders who PvP, pet battle and everything in between.

For people all playing the same game the range of how we enjoy it is kind of amazing. I just wonder if they know it or have been spectacularly lucky in designing a game that appeals to so many diverse methods of play.

Um … what was I talking about anyway … oh yeah.

“what color are ion hazzikostas eyes”

Nope, even Google couldn’t help me out.




Embarrassing …

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thepitCat wanted to get right to completing as much of Draenor Pathfinder as she could before patch 6.2. With the help of Wowhead’s new tool she was able to find out what she had left to complete. Great! The only thing left was Assault on the Pit.

She accepted the quest and hurriedly searched for a custom group … and joined one.

Cat forgot she’s been doing nothing for months other than sit in her garrison getting rich or using this great tool to find old bosses to bonk on the head for a pony.

There she was floundering around like a complete derp cat. She forgot her rotation, the group must have wondered if level 100 boosts were available and she’d just done it. How embarrassing, poor Cat.

Luckily it was a nice group and no one yelled at her or inquired where she got her Druid License.

Afterwards we went and trapped for a while to see if she could get her mojo back. We have to STOP sitting in the garrison. Do you hear me Cat?


This is just random but I wondered if anyone else felt the same. On the way to bonk Kael’thas for his pretty pink pony this happened. The two of us were flying on top of each other for a lengthy time. I keep wanting to say, pardon me, oh excuse me. Cim and I were infringing on that person’s personal space. This is why I should always go get a drink or something on a flight path to avoid these embarrassing moments … maybe it’s just me.
SEVEN MONTHS! Cim’s been trying to find an un-camped Warbringer for seven months and yesterday she finally found one. I felt a teeny, tiny bit bad as about 20 seconds after she killed it a person appeared. It had been camped but their timing was about 30 seconds off. Cim didn’t feel bad at all. Warlocks, what would you expect.

The whole internet anonymity thing didn’t take on me. Here’s my chance to be different. Be outgoing! Be rude! Remake yourself! Cut loose!

Nope, nope, nope.

I’m embarrassed by the same things I would be IRL … I feel bad for getting that Warbringer … I’m derpy.

I’m freaking exactly the same … well, except for the whole killing everything part … there is that.

Huh? What?

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catnapWAKE UP CAT!!!! Wake up! Cat decided to get away from it all in Tanaris so she’s been out of touch. Good news Cat, there will be flying in Draenor!

You’ll have to do stuff like:

Explore Draenor’s zones

Collect 100 treasures in Draenor

Complete Draenor Loremaster

Gain revered with the new Tanaan Jungle reps

All in all it sounds even better than just getting flying put back, now we have a mission!

Cat? Cat? Damn, she went back to sleep. A long day at the beach will do that to you I guess.

Whew, as for me I’m thrilled. I was going broke trying to find a new suitable home. Thank Elune that’s over although … one day … ONE DAY I’m going to get at least one character to level cap in SWTOR.

flyingThe only downside to all of this is now that Goblin Phanta wants to be reimbursed for the fuel she used up sky-writing. Jeeeeezzzz … some things never change.


The Best-laid Plans of Mice …

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and … well … me. Yup, I’m right here with me and even I never know what I’m going to do. I start a Wildstar subscription and end up here. I’m back in a Cantina in Coruscant. Yeah I’m not sure either how a Wildstar subscription did that. I like Wildstar but I guess I needed a beer.

Someday, SOMEDAY, I’m going to get a character to level cap but in the meantime I keep having to start over as I have no idea how to play the class I let sit there for a year. So far I’ve been surprised at the amount of people running around in the low levels with me.

So then another thing happened …

ffbriahI know! WTF! How does subscribing to Wildstar, and liking it, do this? I’m out of control! And I mean that seriously, I REALLY have no idea what I’m doing in FFXIV. I couldn’t even figure out how to hide the UI.

I’ve been spending my time trying to find a mailbox. I finally gave up and resorted to Google. OH! That clears everything up! Find a Moogle. I probably didn’t need to start over here as I’m sure the character I made when I first tried FFXIV is probably still here just running around looking for a mailbox. I’ll have to check. But at least I have cool boots.

I want to be a Thaumaturge but I might have to rethink that and find a class with a starting city I can navigate. That and a description of mechanics for the Thaumaturge I read.

“… think of the Balance talent spec for Druids. The mechanics are very similar.”

Uh oh.


In Draenor Cat is amassing as much wealth as possible. A few months ago she saw a Magic Rooster Egg on the AH, but couldn’t afford it. I think she dreams of riding a giant chicken. As for the Horde side Sasche has become something of a homebody and refuses to leave Frostfire Ridge.

It will be interesting to see who wins out here but one of them has to and right now I have no clue … but then I didn’t know a Wildstar subscription resulted in playing SWTOR and FFXIV. Obviously I have a lot to learn.