The Best-laid Plans of Mice …


and … well … me. Yup, I’m right here with me and even I never know what I’m going to do. I start a Wildstar subscription and end up here. I’m back in a Cantina in Coruscant. Yeah I’m not sure either how a Wildstar subscription did that. I like Wildstar but I guess I needed a beer.

Someday, SOMEDAY, I’m going to get a character to level cap but in the meantime I keep having to start over as I have no idea how to play the class I let sit there for a year. So far I’ve been surprised at the amount of people running around in the low levels with me.

So then another thing happened …

ffbriahI know! WTF! How does subscribing to Wildstar, and liking it, do this? I’m out of control! And I mean that seriously, I REALLY have no idea what I’m doing in FFXIV. I couldn’t even figure out how to hide the UI.

I’ve been spending my time trying to find a mailbox. I finally gave up and resorted to Google. OH! That clears everything up! Find a Moogle. I probably didn’t need to start over here as I’m sure the character I made when I first tried FFXIV is probably still here just running around looking for a mailbox. I’ll have to check. But at least I have cool boots.

I want to be a Thaumaturge but I might have to rethink that and find a class with a starting city I can navigate. That and a description of mechanics for the Thaumaturge I read.

“… think of the Balance talent spec for Druids. The mechanics are very similar.”

Uh oh.


In Draenor Cat is amassing as much wealth as possible. A few months ago she saw a Magic Rooster Egg on the AH, but couldn’t afford it. I think she dreams of riding a giant chicken. As for the Horde side Sasche has become something of a homebody and refuses to leave Frostfire Ridge.

It will be interesting to see who wins out here but one of them has to and right now I have no clue … but then I didn’t know a Wildstar subscription resulted in playing SWTOR and FFXIV. Obviously I have a lot to learn.


11 Responses to “The Best-laid Plans of Mice …”

  1. You made it to Coruscant!

    When I get back from being on the road, we’ll hook up.

  2. I’ve been enjoying FFXIV a lot. I have made a cat guy who will be a paladin. That’s pretty hard to beat, honestly. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who kept getting lost in that city at first. I think I’ve mostly figured it out now, but it’s confusing for a starting place.
    And i don’t know…sounds like Wildstar’s just got you trying all the things so you can find the right place to settle in?

    • I just made an Arcanist to see if I could find my way around that starting city better. As things are going right now all I’ve been doing is making new characters to try.

      Why am I not surprised he’s a Paladin!

      I know, all three games are nice in their different ways, I’m just waiting for one to yell, pick me!

  3. I don’t know if I could play another MMO. Though I have been eyeing Witcher 3 and thinking I could immerse myself in that…
    I have absolutely no idea about FFXIV but you know what I have even less idea of? Heroes of the Storm! I know I need to play it to get a pet, so play it I must I suppose!

    • I’ve been looking at Witcher 3 too, seems to get great reviews but I think I’ve got enough on my plate now.

      I wanted to get to level 20 in Heroes of the Storm but kinda gave up at level 6. It’s not the kind of game you can wander around looking at stuff, lol. I had a hard time paying attention, kept wandering off to explore the map.

  4. a) You can ride giant chickens in FFXIV! Sadly, Cat can’t. 😦 Are Plainstriders close enough?
    b) FFXIV! I would really love to encourage you to join my friend Aywren’s guild on Midgardsormr – it’s very much an OLRG atmosphere! See if you can find her (Zuri Nimat) in game, or check out their website (
    c) AMG you have no idea how close I am to re-installing SWTOR, I’ve heard so many good things about it lately and those spacebeers look delicious!
    d) I just bought a new MMO, Wander. It is about being a druid and exploration and there is no combat or crafting or anything stressful. It’s a little buggy at the moment but it only launched today so give it a week or two and it might call to you! I’ll post a first impressions thingy after I’ve spent the weekend with it.

    • Poor Cat, she would love to ride around on a Plainstrider!

      I don’t remember which server I’m on, I’ll have to check. I keep trying different classes and I think the farthest anyone’s got is level 7.

      I read something about Wander somewhere, I will anxiously await your review as it sounds interesting to me.

      Yes, I was surprised there seemed to be more activity in SWTOR since the last time I was there. I do enjoy it, just wish I could make it to the end just once, lol.

      • I only mentioned Aywren’s guild because I am pretty sure they have purchased a guild house, which means you will be able to do the housing thing a lot cheaper (by getting your own room in the guild house) than waiting to buy your own house (which you can still do later anyway). I can’t remember whether you were into the housing aspect of Wildstar, but you seem to enjoy the Garrison so…
        Also she is really sweet and I like getting my friends together when possible. 😛

  5. Noo please tell me my comment is in moderation and not lost to the nether…..:(

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