Huh? What?

catnapWAKE UP CAT!!!! Wake up! Cat decided to get away from it all in Tanaris so she’s been out of touch. Good news Cat, there will be flying in Draenor!

You’ll have to do stuff like:

Explore Draenor’s zones

Collect 100 treasures in Draenor

Complete Draenor Loremaster

Gain revered with the new Tanaan Jungle reps

All in all it sounds even better than just getting flying put back, now we have a mission!

Cat? Cat? Damn, she went back to sleep. A long day at the beach will do that to you I guess.

Whew, as for me I’m thrilled. I was going broke trying to find a new suitable home. Thank Elune that’s over although … one day … ONE DAY I’m going to get at least one character to level cap in SWTOR.

flyingThe only downside to all of this is now that Goblin Phanta wants to be reimbursed for the fuel she used up sky-writing. Jeeeeezzzz … some things never change.


15 Responses to “Huh? What?”

  1. I’m with you. I like the fact that we have to work for it, rather than selling some tokens on the AH and spending the returns for flight.

  2. Dangfool Says:

    I carefully looked through the list to determine what will be the hardest requirements for me. Most important? No dungeons!

  3. I love it. The hardest thing will be the reps but the quests and dailies should help a lot with that.

  4. […] was that, handsome? Someone at Blizzard listened the THE IRONICALLY and got their heads on right, and decided flying wou… Um, yeah, duh! I was surreptitiously looking at my cell phone at work and saw a Dev Water-cooler […]

  5. They know not to piss off Ironsally. 🙂

  6. It will be about three weeks after 6.2 unlocks; so we’ll have been “immersed” in the content. Might be much to do on my flying mount by then, but I’ll be flying!

  7. I was really excited to see the flight coming to Draenor – I was definitely bummed out when it wasn’t going to get there at all. I have most of the requirements done already with just normal game playing – now, rep grinding is going to be interesting. 😀

    • I was REALLY bummed too. I didn’t want it at the beginning of the expac but did want it at some point because I enjoy just flying around sometimes enjoying the view.

      Yes, it’s going to make those rep grinds a lot less horrible to me if flying is the ultimate result!

  8. I think having flying gated is a great idea. I do wonder though if maybe it shouldn’t be level 100 required. But then I think naaa because it would be nice to level my eleventh toon 90-100 with flying. I guess I’m kinda torn about it …

    • Since I would have done all of that anyway (little bit of a completionist with Cat) it makes those rep grinds so much less painful if flying is the reward so I’m pretty happy.

      Sha’tari Defense was soooo painful because I had to usually wait for weekends to find a group. Then I couldn’t even buy the gear, well I could but Cat can’t where plate.

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