Field Photographer or I Need a WoW GPS Navigation System

excusemeExcuse me? Um … I can see you’re busy but … oh maybe he’ll know. Pardon me, could you give me directions … I see, sorry to bother you.

After reading that Patch 6.2 was nearly upon us I decided it was time to finish up some things, namely Field Photographer. I had everything done except for The Frozen Throne.

I’m pretty much the same in Azeroth as IRL. If you drive me someplace, even repeatedly, I have no idea how to get there on my own. I wasn’t paying any attention, I was gawking out the window or contemplating my navel, who knows.

Same in Azeroth. Both Cat and Cim have been in ICC with people. I have NO IDEA where everything is or how to get there. I just blindly followed behind people who did know. And yeah … probably a few times I’d had a glass of wine by that point so it’s even harder in Azeroth.

It took me hours, yes hours. Go ahead and laugh … hours. And it was daytime so I didn’t even have the excuse of wine. Everything was peachy until Gunship.

A tip, if you’re level 100 and have at least mediocre gear DON’T JUMP TO THE SHIP. I did because I wanted to use my jetpack thingy. As I was jumping over I noticed that the fight was already over so then I was stuck circling Icecrown Citadel on the wrong ship. I had to jump to my death.

That’s right, on 10-man nobody can actually kill you but yourself, which of course I did.

Next problem was I couldn’t find Sindragosa. That took about an hour of aimlessly wandering around.

Done! Let’s go see Arthas!

Nope, I’d missed someone.

Googled “missed a boss in ICC can’t get to Arthas.”

It worked! The suggestion I found was the Blood Queen and they were right. The whole Arthas thing was kinda anticlimactic after all that.

My kingdom for a GPS addon.

natThe last thing on my list of “before 6.2” is finally buckling down on fishing up enough lunkers to buy the Crimson Water Strider. We’ll see how that goes.

For Elune’s sake stop with all the dramatics! I don’t know how many times I’ve told you I DON’T carry around a cooler of beer, grow up Nat!

Sigh …

10 Responses to “Field Photographer or I Need a WoW GPS Navigation System”

  1. Congrats on the achievement and good luck with the lunkers.

  2. Don’t forget the 3 specialty fish you can fish in pandaria for nat rep. It will speed up the process and takes 20-ish minutes for a good bit of rep.

    Two of the fish can be fished up just outside of the binan village in kun lai. The tiger fish can be fished just out in the lake as soon as the water walking from the quest kicks in. The spine fish is fished up just a little closer to the sha infested island there.

    The mimic octopus (and sometimes the flying tiger too) can be fished up right from Nat’s boat in Karasang Wilds.

    • Also, you can buy the strider and fishing chair for gold in panda land. Saving the coins for the WoD only items. Just food for thought.

    • I do have the Azure Strider but for whatever reason I really want the crimson one, lol. One of those grass is always greener things I guess. Could be that my Druid thinks it matches her outfit better!

      • LOL…tells you how much I pay attention to Nat. I just figured they were the same strider. Now I’m going to have to farm lunkers too. *sigh*

        • Totally unrelated but you like motorcycles and play WoW, loves motorcycles and plays WoW among other things. What went wrong with my husband?

          He’s got the motorcycle thing down, why not the gaming thing, lol.

        • Hehe…my wife’s the same way. Loves motorcycles (even works for the local Harley dealership), but not big on the gaming thing. She’s got a couple characters that she’s played with me on, but it’s just not something she likes to spend any real amount on time with.

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    Stand in the middle of water while fishing.
    Nat rides up to annoy you.
    Nat drowns.
    Plenty good laughs 😀

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