How Excited are You?

Yeah, maybe I did have too much time on my hands this morning but I couldn’t help it. I just had to film Zor’s pet Haze freaking out with excitement over 6.2 tomorrow. I mean that had to be what it was, right?

murkyI had a list of things to get done before the patch. I FINALLY got Cat to leave Murky and get them done. Cat did most of her lunker fishing in Southport, she seems luckiest there. Lupas Lightsprocket has a pet Murky and one time she caught the tail-end of his song and dance routine and now she stands there hoping for an encore.

Cat! Cat! Come on! 100 lunkers won’t catch themselves!

striderCheck! Crimson Water Strider acquired! Cat claims it rides much smoother than the Azure Water Strider. Whatever makes you happy Cat. Hmm, let’s see what else …

janiumOkay, this wasn’t something that had to be done before 6.2 but Matty gave me an idea. I have struggled to have some kind of rapport with my DK since her creation. She was originally Human. I changed her to Worgen. Still not cutting it. I was convinced that if I had rapport I might actually make an effort to learn how to play a DK.

Behold Janinna! I mean Jannich. He has a wonderful bouncy ponytail. I think it will make all the difference, time will tell.

burningCheck! Acquire 500 Burning Blossoms and buy the Burning Defender’s Medallion toy before Tuesday. I don’t know if I’ll manage to get to the pets … it’ll give me something to do next year.

Happy Midsummer Fire Festival!


14 Responses to “How Excited are You?”

  1. You have done things I didn’t even know existed! But, hey…handsome male DK – that…now that I get! 🙂

    • I dread the day my husband walks by and sees me doing nothing and I have to explain I’m waiting for the little Murloc to sing and dance lol!

      Yeah, I think I might have a better shot feeling rapport with Mr. Ponytail DK!

  2. I make it a point to the go to IF for the fishing daily and sometimes I just sit there waiting for that particular little Murky dance routine – hehe, it’s awesome stuff I tell ya.

  3. oh no! sooo much to do 😦 Hadn’t even realised there were new things to collect this year from the bonfires *sigh* That alliance garrison is crazy .. I have a follower who seems to enjoy spending his time on the roof of that building .. on his horse!

    • I know, when I found out there was new stuff to get I started flying around the world. I’d still like a pet but won’t mind if I have to wait til next time round.

      Oh no! I thought it was bad that Oscaar was always blocking doorways, at least he stays off the roof!

  4. Hey, grats on the strider. I did enough for the pet but the toys may have to wait until next year.

  5. wolfgangcat Says:

    Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who sits in Org waiting for the Murky dance!
    You got 500 blossoms? I’m impressed! I was burned out at 350 for the pet – no toys for me this year lol 😀

  6. Fire festival. Oh. Hmm ….. sigh. Don’t think I will get any of that done. *Maybe* if I do like Cat and collect them on my druid I can at least get a pet but … probably not. I have maybe 6 hours of playtime this week total unless I neglect other things, like my too-high lawn that hasn’t been mowed in more than 2 weeks now. :p

    • The lawn gods are conspiring against us. Every time we prepare to go out and cut and trim it causes a thunderstorm. It’s like you could PAY us to create rain. This has been the hottest May and June here I can remember, weather RNG is killing us lol.

      I’m always a little disappointed when I have nothing left to get from a holiday so maybe it’s best I’ll have stuff to look forward to getting next year.

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