Savage Fishing, Perception and GAWWAI

felfishingSo they said Warlords of Draenor was going to be savage and brutal and I think I’ve finally found the whole savage part … Felblight fishing. Since I don’t raid or do any of the expected types of gearing up I NEED Felblight. Okay, so try fishing Cat.

Holy Mother of The Old Gods! This is freaking dangerous! The best place Cat found to fish is around Hellfire Citadel but unfortunately she’s not really skilled at the jumping from rock to rock part.

Oops! Oops again! Cat! Watch out! The Fel Sludge will kill you if you get a stack of 10! Cat? Cat? Oh, she’s running back from the graveyard again. This isn’t going to make much sense if the price of repair out weights the price of just buying Felblight.

What’s that? You’re kidding, really? That’s great! Die all you want then!

fishbagCat just told me there’s no damage to your gear with Felblight death, I hope that’s not a glitch they’re going to fix because otherwise I don’t think this is going to make financial sense.

In what seemed like hours and hours of fishing (probably was about one hour) I managed to acquire two Felblight, that’s it.

Seven lunkers … two Felblight. I even got all mad every time I fished up a lunker because it wasn’t a Felblight.

I know! Felblight fishing was so savage it made me turn on lunkers!

Enough! Let’s see if any of the Hellbane rares are up. I would so love a Medallion of the Legion.

inviteOh Vengeance! Invite please! Oh Terrorfist! Invite please … dead. What the hell is going on, why even announce it if you’re not going to invite people … grumble. WHAT ARE THEY DOING?

So I’m fishing and Doomroller spawns right next to me. I announce it and the “can I get an invites” start rolling in. No, actually they came SCROLLING in so fast I couldn’t keep up.

I frantically tried to make sure I wasn’t leaving anyone out and almost missed the kill as someone pulled Doomroller and the whole thing was almost over before I could run over there and bonk Doomroller at least once.

Oh … now I see what they’re doing. Lesson learned. My apologies.

Jeez, all this savagery has me in a pissy mood. I think I might need to join a support group. I hear Matty might start up one, GAWWAI.

Grown Ass Women Who Are Infuriated.

They missed that one. Warlords of Draenor is savage, brutal and full of grown ass women who are infuriated. And who knows, she might even have to start a GAMWAI chapter.

I later found that a Medallion of the Legion does go a long way in dissipating the fury. There is that.

7 Responses to “Savage Fishing, Perception and GAWWAI”

  1. You know, I’ve seen a couple of fishing pools in Tanaan but haven’t tried it yet. That Fel Sludge has caught me out a couple of times trying to scramble out of it in time.

  2. JD Kenada Says:

    Kudos to you for hunkering down with some good old fashioned fishing! I can’t do it in the real world, so unless it’s easy XP or something I don’t bother in Azeroth much either. :p

    So your patience is applauded.

  3. Dangfool Says:

    I’m still suffering on a poor machine, but my daughter and husband are burning through all these catch-ups and got their shipyards. I might be able to fish in Tanaan soon.

    And GAWWAI looks to me like a cross between KAWAII and GWAR, which brings really strange images to mind.

    • Oh no, a slow machine can make the jungle even more dangerous but once you’re there the danger will be falling into the sludge. Cat is getting better at rock jumping but we still are dying for those Felblight.

      I know! Even just thinking about infuriated grown ass women can conjure up some scary images!

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