The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

readytoflyThe good was Cat the overachiever got Draenor Pathfinder out of the way pretty quick. Thank goodness for Cat as if we depended on the Warlock we’d never get anywhere.

After Cat got that out of the way Cim the Warlock hit Tanaan and that’s where it got dicey. I had NO IDEA Cim would be interested in Naval Missions but obtaining ship blueprints has become very competitive between the two of them.

yohohoYeah, Cat loved the Ghostly Iron Buccaneer’s Hat when she first got it, now … not so much. She could open a nautical hat store with all the hats he’s coughed up. The BLUEPRINT Ironbeard! The blueprint! I’ll leave you alone if you just give it to me!

speedyeyeOkay, this one’s kinda good and bad. I love this thing, Skull of the Mad Chief. I think it’s misnamed though, it should be called “The Only Chance You Have of Getting to Doomroller if you Hear the Shout While Sitting in your Base.” I know, probably too long to catch on. Even with it Doomroller’s dead 50% of the time when I get there.

Master Hunter’s Seeking Crystal, something else I love. Since Cat didn’t stop to think of the consequences of running all over the place and finding all the treasures she’s stuck with rares. Now with the crystal it’s not so much of a problem. Beam me up, Scotty!

Really, really bad stuff and it’s all my fault. All this opening of boxes and selling stuff right and left was good … if you’re paying attention. While readying Cim to leave for Tanaan I realized that at some point I got carried away. I’d apparently sold her offhand. I tried item restore but it must have been a really long time ago.

I checked around and yep, Shaman had no offhand. Did it to her too. All this shuffling salvage crates was apparently too much for me and they suffered for it. Poor guys.

altsin6.2The bad. Okay, Cat and Cim had no problem in Tanaan. They were both around iLevel 670’s or so when they arrived. The next to ship out will be the Hunter, she’s at 659 but she should be okay because … Hunter.

The rest? It will be a massacre. The alts go in order of what little skill I have with the class. Some of them are still in 630’s gear. This is going to be a bloodbath.

So yeah, there’s my unskilled Death Knight sitting there with the big shots and he might be sitting there a looooooong time along with the Shaman, Monk and Rogue. Oddly I think the Rogue has the best shot of the lot of them.

I’m having fun in 6.2 in spite of the fact I have NEVER fished so much in my WoW life.

I have both Cat and Cim find a group for Kazzak as soon as maintenance is over, VERY important. Must steal his Felbight. It’s like a whole day of fishing’s worth.

Welp it’s a new day, time to see if Ironbeard has had a change of heart … he has! Ironbeard is now guaranteed to drop the Ghostly Spyglass Blueprint that is said to counter a Cursed Crew.

5 Responses to “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

  1. Is that your deathknight sitting in the pic near the king? He looks so glum. Remembering his glory days in the frozen north, not the hot jungle where everything can eat him.

    I’m about to take a warlock into Tanaan and I’m not sure it will go well. I’m working on the Pathfinder achievement on another character, so I doubt she’ll do much there. Still, I’ll have her poke around and see how she does. Have you tried the Enslave Demon on the elites? Does it work?

    Thanks for drawing my attention to the Master Hunter’s Seeking Crystal, I’m going to have to try that.

    Same with the Skull of the Mad Chief. I got that the other night but hadn’t had time to look up to see what it did. Looking forward to trying that.

    • I think my poor Death Knight is looking glum at the prospect of me killing him, lol. I am so bad at DKing.

      OH! I have not tried Enslave Demon yet, I’ll have to go up to the Throne and see how that goes. She’s just been running around Cataclysming everything in her path.

      The skull is really fun if you want to get somewhere fast and usually it gets you way past anything you aggro on the way.

  2. My rogue wasn’t quite geared to hit up BRF LFR when I hit Tanaan. However, stealthing to the Hellbane bosses and looking through premade group finder for groups for those bosses, along with the occassional other rares he encountered, he geared up quickly. I’m actually anticipating the DK to be even easier. The Shaman and Mage…well, I’m not so sure.

    • My poor Shaman, DK and Monk have to contend with their operator not playing them very well and they suffer because of me, lol.

      I know, I love the custom group finder. There are so many things I would never be able to do on my daytime pretty low pop server without it.

  3. […] My writing talents lie fallow (lay fallow?) and I am just not in ‘the know’ anymore. (Thank goodness Tome is!) Am I having fun derping around the jungle? Well, sure. There are some quick and fun goodies that […]

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