I love the Smell of Xemirkol in the Morning

xinthemorningI really, REALLY wish I could focus. I sent Cat to Tanaan this morning and without thinking, used my Master Hunter’s Seeking Crystal to visit a rare. I knew I had Jungle Stalker done but forgot that I reached exalted with both the Order of the Awakened and The Hand of the Prophet the evening before.

It seems Jungle Stalker completion and exalted with the Order of the Awakened is what will trigger the possible appearance of Xemirkol when using the crystal.

With fifteen minutes to server restart I was staring Xemirkol in the face. Oops. First time he punted me to the next county, second time just a nice ordinary death. Yeah, this is the first title that Cat was really excited about but alone it looks like we might have to wait for the Warlock. At Cat’s (see how I blame it on Cat) level of skill Demidos solo is challenging.

Oh well, at least I learned how to get back up there and retrieve my body. I started up to the Throne to see if I could find a Kazzak group when someone in chat said Xemirkol was up.

OH! OH! Pick me! Pick me! They kindly did. We waited for everyone’s crystal to be active and off we went. I don’t think I’ve ever derped that bad and let me tell you I can derp. I was shaking so bad and flailing around. I must have hit him at least once I hope. I was so worried about being kicked to next Tuesday I would kind of run by him hoping to get a smack in.

I thought he had some kind of slowing spell although I didn’t remember reading about anything like that … hmm … OMG. I found that while thrashing around I had somehow hit the walk/run toggle key. Nope, no fancy spell … just me.

predatorIn spite of Cat’s general lack of helpfulness, Xemirkol was downed. And talk about lack of focus, it was only then that I realized our tank had been Askevar of You Yank It, You Tank It.

Big thanks to Bigfangs too for that invite! Cat sends hugs and kisses! She has always wanted to be a big scary kitty prowling the jungle and now she can. RAWR! All fear the Cat!

Yeah, I’m going to play along and humor her just this once.

7 Responses to “I love the Smell of Xemirkol in the Morning”

  1. Yay, grats on the title. I’m looking forward to getting that too once I finish the rep grind.

  2. Wow! They got to meet TOME! 🙂

  3. Dangfool Says:

    If you are eligible for Xemirkol, you can’t be Incompetent. Those of us truly incompetent fail at following lists of Rares or get distracted by Bright Shiny oooh! I’ll go mine that mineral node. What was I doing?

    • You know it’s weird, Cat had extremely good luck getting the rares. Cim on the other hand can’t find any to save her life but is lucky with drops. And I know about getting distracted but in my case it’s fishing pools, there might be Felblight there!

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