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A Little Night Music

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on August 24, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

roguemusicA looong time ago … okay, maybe about four years ago I discussed my character’s musical tastes in a post. I was looking for the post as I wanted to see if I still agreed with it. The Feral Druid song still reminds me of feral rotation but not having to bite things on the butt anymore has improved things A LOT.

Anyway I’ve had some new blood join our crew since then and I was kind of wondering what was on their playlist. Does Hach the Rogue have a teeny weeny Gnomish iPod that she listens to while stalking her kills?

Hey Hachette! What are you listening to? Aw, come on, I won’t tell anyone. You can tell me. I’ll bet it’s something like The Highwayman, right?

No, it’s not.

Well then, what IS on there? Something like Bad Company?

Oh alright, jeez. Here … listen.

Wow … did not see that one coming, well she is a Rogue I guess. How do you even sneak up on things, can’t they hear you coming? You’re that fast huh? Okay, it’s starting to grow on me too.

I wonder what the Death Knight listens to, I’m probably way off on that too. A little background. The DK’s had it kind of hard. First she’s a nice human minding her own business and then bam. A Death Knight. I couldn’t bond with her so I changed her to Worgen thinking that might help. It didn’t so I changed her gender.

Yeah, she’s he’s been through a lot of changes. Not to mention that his handler still hasn’t a clue how runes work.

dksongThere he is, I’ll ask. Maybe I should get the obvious out of the way first. Is it Changes? Naw, I guess it was too obvious. Okay … um … I know! Howling for You! That’s it right? Gotta be!


Okay, I give up. What song?

Born Under a Bad Sign.

Oh … wow … right. I can see that … yeah, sorry.

I should do this more often … get to know you guys better.

Suffer well.

Yeah … thanks … um … you too.

Ashes to Ashes.

Just walk away …

Alright! Alright, I’m going!



Dead Ringer

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saberCat’s done everything there is to do in Tanaan. She’s exalted with everyone which makes her happy cause honestly she’s such a suck-up. What? Cat, come on, you are! Anyway, there’s only one thing left for her and … she won’t do it. I Came, I Clawed, I Conquered.

She needs 5,000 Blackfang Claws but she’s busy fooling around anywhere other than Fang’rila. What is up? It even took her forever to get exalted with the Saberstalkers. She’d run over there and kill five or six and then say she needed apexis instead. She never joined a group, it’s like she’s avoiding it.

Do you see a familial resemblance there? I’m stumped, it’s the only thing I can think of, Cat thinks she’s killing her own. Nobody else is killing them much either, maybe she had a word with them.

rogueSo if Cat’s not going to cooperate, there’s only one thing to do. Send another raw recruit in! And yeah, Hachette the Rogue was pretty raw yesterday when she got off the boat. Not very well-dressed and nobody thought to send her off with some food, or health potions.

This never ceases to amaze me, probably why I’m an altoholic but it’s all new again. Cat, Cim and Zor the Hunter are pretty well jaded by now. Their big day is Supreme Lord Kazzak day. Hoping for him to drop something nice along with the Felblight.

But now that Hachette’s arrived it’s all shiny again. I’m not sure how my mind works but I’m happy it’s so excited again. Hach hasn’t been there a day yet and hasn’t even begun pick-pocketing, so we’re good for a while.

You’re on notice Iron Horde. She may not kill you but she’s definitely going to lighten your wallet.

Yeah I know about September 1, 2015 but I’m not going to say anything about it. Don’t want to jinx it. I’m just kind of walking past it whistling. See what? I didn’t see anything.


In Search of … Wait! What!

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mooneyesI was in the middle of a post when I learned about Legion I’m not even sure what it was about but I’m recycling the screen shot. No sense wasting it and I don’t have an appropriately demonic one for the post anyway.

My first thought was YAY! YAY! YAY! Double jumping! I LOVE double jumping! It doesn’t get any better than that! Yeah, I’m easily pleased. I was very excited about the Demon Hunter, I’ve even saved a name for her. I think she’s Cat’s cousin from the dark side of the family. I hope she gives her a warm welcome.

Wow, the lore. They’re giving us everything but the kitchen sink. Is there anything left? Yes, I’m worrying about the expansion after Legion, I’m a long-term worrier.

Okay, there is just one thing that has me a little concerned. Artifacts. According to the Icy Veins interview there will be no weapon drops. I am one of Blizzard’s annoying customers who refuse to do anything with a group of strangers for anything other than outdoor bosses. I don’t raid. I play WoW to get away from jackasses irl I don’t need no stinking WoW jackasses.


I don’t have a legendary anything. Is it their plan to finally force me to comply and do LFR to get an adequate weapon? Cat really wants to be all cool and feral looking with the Fangs of the First Nightsaber but what’s that going to entail. Oh well, early days, I’m not going to worry about that now.

I had no specific desire for the expansion’s direction other than no more Orcs so I’m happy. Demons are great.

I was also very happy to read in Icy Veins interview:

The professions team for Legion is the largest that Blizzard has ever had for WoW, and they clearly heard the feedback that professions were underutilized in Warlords and overlapped with the Garrisons too much.

I used to love my professions, I hope they can get that feeling back.

So I’m really excited. I tell myself to settle down, remember Path of the Titans but I just can’t settle Cat down. She is so ready to look like a badass Feral Cat … even if between you and me she really isn’t very badass at all. I think she’ll leave that to her cousin the Demon Hunter.


That Would be Stealing …

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notstealingNOT! I’m the only  one here, I opened up the little chest he crams himself in, IT WOULD NOT BE STEALING! Glub’glok did this to Cim the Warlock once and I thought it might be an addon problem or something.

But this is different, it takes my Hunter about 16 tries before she ever makes it up there. I can’t figure it out. Cat can jump up, the Warlock can jump up, why can’t the Hunter. I even dismiss her pet so she won’t get in the way.

Okay so he’s buggy and she can’t loot him, that’s not the weird part. The really creepy part is when your digital life mirrors your real life. I have been falsely accused of stealing in both places. It was bad enough, I mean REALLY bad in real life and now it follows me here? The place I go to get away from real life? This sucks!

One word … mobile banking … okay two words … just say no! I mean if you’re like me, never paying attention to what you’re doing, always thinking about something else.

First, I admit I do have a cavalier attitude towards checks. I get them and put them in a basket and SOMETIMES remember to deposit them. So mobile banking sounded like the cure! Hurray! I had to get one for two banks, ours and then my mother’s that I manage for her.

To make a long story short I apparently deposited a check into my mother’s account in May and left the check in the basket. I have no memory of this but then I don’t know what I ate for lunch yesterday. My mind’s on other things like … I don’t know, acquisition of Felblight maybe.

Last week I found the check in the basket and … yeah … deposited it AGAIN. I did not know this until the woman who’d written the check called and said her bank said that’s fraud, call the police.

WTF! WTF! WTF! I believe you when you say I did it but it was not intentional, it was a freaking senior moment apparently! Don’t you have a PayPal account? I will get it to you right now!

She said, no, just put a check in the mail. Now I know she didn’t think I did it intentionally but for four days I had visions of a swat team breaking into our house and shooting the dogs because her bank went over her head and ratted me out. I didn’t even have any interest in playing.

Instead I would clean (YES ME … CLEANING) in the vicinity of the front door so I could fling myself in front of the guns to shield my dogs when the swat team entered.

It’s over now … but I’m pretty damn touchy about things like THAT WOULD BE STEALING. Get your act together Glub’glok.