In Search of … Wait! What!

mooneyesI was in the middle of a post when I learned about Legion I’m not even sure what it was about but I’m recycling the screen shot. No sense wasting it and I don’t have an appropriately demonic one for the post anyway.

My first thought was YAY! YAY! YAY! Double jumping! I LOVE double jumping! It doesn’t get any better than that! Yeah, I’m easily pleased. I was very excited about the Demon Hunter, I’ve even saved a name for her. I think she’s Cat’s cousin from the dark side of the family. I hope she gives her a warm welcome.

Wow, the lore. They’re giving us everything but the kitchen sink. Is there anything left? Yes, I’m worrying about the expansion after Legion, I’m a long-term worrier.

Okay, there is just one thing that has me a little concerned. Artifacts. According to the Icy Veins interview there will be no weapon drops. I am one of Blizzard’s annoying customers who refuse to do anything with a group of strangers for anything other than outdoor bosses. I don’t raid. I play WoW to get away from jackasses irl I don’t need no stinking WoW jackasses.


I don’t have a legendary anything. Is it their plan to finally force me to comply and do LFR to get an adequate weapon? Cat really wants to be all cool and feral looking with the Fangs of the First Nightsaber but what’s that going to entail. Oh well, early days, I’m not going to worry about that now.

I had no specific desire for the expansion’s direction other than no more Orcs so I’m happy. Demons are great.

I was also very happy to read in Icy Veins interview:

The professions team for Legion is the largest that Blizzard has ever had for WoW, and they clearly heard the feedback that professions were underutilized in Warlords and overlapped with the Garrisons too much.

I used to love my professions, I hope they can get that feeling back.

So I’m really excited. I tell myself to settle down, remember Path of the Titans but I just can’t settle Cat down. She is so ready to look like a badass Feral Cat … even if between you and me she really isn’t very badass at all. I think she’ll leave that to her cousin the Demon Hunter.


13 Responses to “In Search of … Wait! What!”

  1. I think I’ll have to try out a Demon Hunter just to try out Double Jump (despite the total nonsense physics of it; what are you pushing off against, in midair, to make yourself go farther and higher?). I don’t have any free slots on my main server, but I do still have a free spot on its Connected Realms partner.

    I’m worrying about the expansion after this, too — what will we have left to *do*, after we’ve done all this, other than take on Sargeras himself?

    They said we’ll get our Artifact weapon pretty early on, so I don’t think we’ll have to LFR or anything for it. I sure hope not! But those of us who play WoW mostly as a solo game will probably not be able to get as many Artifact points and make our weapons as powerful and cool as the raiders. *shrug* O well.

    • I think I stayed in Wildstar as long as I did for that double jump. I don’t like jumping puzzles in WoW but loved them in Wildstar. It felt like the second kick I had little booster rockets on my feet!

      Me too, I was happy I had one slot left on my realm’s partner so my Demon Hunter will have the support of my family of alts.

      I did read something I think about the Emerald Dream being a possibility for the future so I felt a little better!

      I was kind of hoping some of the upgrading on the weapon might be through group class quests you might pick up at the Class Hall. Really interested in reading more. Probably find out more from BlizzCon, I just have to be patient.

    • What are you pushing off? Why, you are using the tears of all those with full slots on their main server.

  2. I am just hoping they give us another character slot – my realm has no connecting realm, and my slots are full up 😦

  3. I can see myself trying Demon Hunter but I’m not sure if I’ll play her past the starting area. Depends on how close she is to 100 by then.

  4. Everyone loves the double jump!
    Thanks for finding the quote about professions having a large team working on them, I love crafting but there wasn’t much to like in Draenor.

    • I know, it is the best! I Yes, I have high hopes that professions will regain their fun. I used to like searching for mats. Really miss it. If it weren’t for making three pieces of gear for each character I’d kind of forget that I have them.

      • I’m praying to Gawd they go to some system where I DON’T have to spend a million days making insignificant numbers of mats to use up all at once. HEXWEAVE BAGS I’M LOOKING AT YOU

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