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For the Birds

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deathrukEverything seems bird-themed lately. For this first one Sasche wanted me to get out a warning to anyone just reaching the Axefall garrison in Spires of Arak for the first time. She rose up in the air above the garrison. So excited to begin questing she consulted her map and then BAM! DEAD!

Whaaaa? Deathwing? Has he come back? What happened?

No Sasche don’t worry, it’s not Deathwing. Apparently Rukmar thinks it’s funny to circle around Axefall picking off Spires of Arak noobs. These are not friendly skies, watch out.

customgCat was hanging around checking for a gate to acquire a Voidtalon. Nope, no gates but she was near Demidos so she checked custom groups to see if anyone wanted help. I have to admit custom groups are pretty entertaining sometimes. Yup, someone wanted help … sort of:

“Chance at pet *if u realm hop i will boot u from grp IDC what you are doing* BE AT THIS SOCRETHARS RIZE OR BE KICKED”

I’ve noticed Kazzak groups that never fill too for the same reason. I guess they never heard the one about catching more flies with honey.

And no I didn’t help them, I don’t like to be yelled at before I’ve done anything wrong, lol.

birdsuitI couldn’t figure out what Cat was doing still accumulating Apexis Crystals. She pretty much has all the mounts except for the 50,000 gold one. What’s she up to? Ah ha! I should have known! A bird suit toy! Cat’s become quite a toy fanatic, personally I don’t think I’d spend 50,000 Apexis on a bird suit but that’s just me.

catmoonHey! Cat! That’s not funny! I said it was just me, you don’t have to go getting all touchy.

Man … I can’t believe it … she mooned me. Well … Druid mooned me … which apparently includes a bird.

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

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nonselfieNo Cat no! You use the selfie camera to take the selfie, you don’t take a screen shot of the … oh never mind. Cat did Honoring a Hero today to get the cool Spiritshards … um … I mean because of her desire to honor Uther. She told me she took selfies and this is what I found. Maybe she read about selfie deaths and didn’t want to chance it.

Anyway, she went to Ironforge to party at Brewfest and learned something. She was doing Bark for the Thunderbrews! which she has some trouble with. If there’s an ejector seat on that ram she sure hasn’t found it so at the end of the run she has to try to run in tight little circles around the quest giver to try to turn it in.

No I’m not kidding, it’s awful. So while she can get back to the quest giver in the time allotted she is in danger of running out of time trying to hand in the quest.

In a fit of pique she changed to flight form just to stop the damn ram, thinking she’d lose the quest. She didn’t. Yay! Now she can just bark at the four locations and fly back from Ironforge, whew.

What? No it has NOTHING to do with the amount of beer she consumed. Do you think she’d risk barking for the Thunderbrews inebriated when a Sausage Grill is at stake … seriously … hic …

A Thing I Didn’t Know and Eeny, Meeny Miney Mo

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zormanafiendI’ve been trying to get the three pets from  Guk, Rukdug and Pugg in Nagrand and the three toys in Tanaan from Drakum, Gondar and Smashum Grabb. Cat got one toy and then wandered off pet battling so I’d been sending the Warlock.

With Smashum Grabb she’d go through two Voidlords usually and it was always kind of dicey towards the end. One day I thought, oh, why not see if my Hunter would want a try.

My Hunter is my very first character … yup … Night Elf Hunter. Yeah, I know. She’s semi-retired now after putting up with me through my rather lengthy noob stage, so yeah, she doesn’t get out much. Which means I have no idea how to hunter.

WTF! Armed with nothing but my severe lack of knowledge and her pig Mooshu she beat the holy crap out of those guys! Who knew!

Well … okay … I guess all you skilled Hunters knew. I’ll really have to see if I can figure out how to hunter properly. Not sure why I keep getting aggro though but I did remember I can flop down dead and fool them. Only Rukdug refuses to comply but she’ll wear him down.

zogsasIt’s the time of expansion to pick a new project. The four who have a shipyard are pretty much just hanging around waiting for Kazzak and hoping he’ll give them something. What’s next?

Oh poor Sasche, there she is patiently waiting at 93 in her garrison. I do really feel guilty and should get her on the road but …

jananbonesshouldn’t the Death Knight have a chance at fame and glory in Tanaan. Kicking ass and taking names, I know he wants to, he’s a little tired of blacksmithing all day.

thaliosAnd what’s this? Not another attempt at a Paladin! I don’t know, he might just make it. Everyone is so enamored with him. I really didn’t have a lot of heirlooms as I don’t want to hurry when leveling.

When Cat saw Thalios she spent about 2500 gold to buy heirlooms no one wanted just to get him a Chauffeured Chopper so he wouldn’t have to endure the indignity of walking from quest to quest.

I was really surprised when they all decided Sasche should go first. I would have bet money on Thalios. Maybe he’ll be next. He better not wait too long because when the Demon Hunter arrives there’s no doubt in my mind who will go first. Better get a move on Thal.


Catch-22, Identity Crises and It’s Good to be Dead Again

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catch1Cat saw a plea for help with Mudlump in Tanaan. She helped and left the Booterang on the body. Unfortunately the helpful postman sent it on to her.

Yes, I know I can’t have more than one, that’s why I left it on his cold, dead body Mr. Postman, jeez.

catch2Oh great! Sure I’ll accept. I don’t even really need one booterang since I don’t PvP but still, it is a BOOTERANG so I’m keeping the one.

catch3WHAT! Well hey! You need to revise your postal regulations! Damn officious little postman, where’s the regular guy?

glukCim? CIM? What are you doing? Cheater! Cheater! Were you trying to avoid the two guards at the entrance and drop in on old Guk? HAHAHAHAHA! Shame on you. They installed glass ceilings in there.

Cim’s been hitting Smashum Grabb every morning to get the Crashin’ Thrashin’ Mortar Controller. He’s too much for Cat to bring down alone. What’s weird to me is he’s always up and if she says anything in general no one ever comes. I guess there are not a lot of toy enthusiasts.

The same holds true for the three rares in Nagrand, Cim’s only encountered one other person trying for the pets. These guys might have pets! I thought they’d be mobbed! Hopefully I’ll get them before it’s CRZ like the Zandalari Warbringer.

cimsetSo anyway, talking about weird behavior. Cim kept saying she wanted a transmog and I told her fine, do whatever you want as long as it’s from stuff in your wardrobe. I’m helping Hachette right now. I don’t have time to go with you to old raids right now.

Um … Cim? You know you’re a Warlock, right?

What? No, it’s lovely … I just … well where is all the green, purpley scary stuff. You look more like a Mage.

Oh, you were. Yes, I know it’s your favorite mount. I see, so you wanted to match your new look with your mount, gotcha.

Between you and me I think she’s having some sort of an identity crisis.

newcatSpeaking of an identity crisis I saw Cat slinking furtively through Stormwind in cat form.

Cat? Cat? What’s up? Ah … nothing … nothing.

Turns out Cat finally got tired of her face. She had tried and tried to come to terms with her new improved face but finally went to the Gnome plastic surgeon in Stormwind for a change.

She’s more solemn now but at least that smug smirk is gone.

deadflightHow wonderful is that! I have missed flying while dead for so long, almost makes me want to die on purpose. Hachette didn’t want to die, she’s not even sure how she got involved in PvP while fighting Terrorfist but being able to fly back took the sting out if it! It’s almost as good as bandages stacking to 250! Deadflight!

I sooo love that deadflight.


Wait! Wait! There’s More!

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stackingOMG! 6.2.2 had more sneaky goodness! Maybe if I read the complete patch notes I would have known but these were a big, happy surprise! Pet bandages stack to 250 now. I happened to look and I had a stack of 79.

What? Oh, I know I carry a lot of junk, just ignore it. Now I have three more slots for even more junk!

AND I was not looking forward to handing in my lunkers to Nat as I think I had about 30 some. Again! Surprise! You just click on him for each fish and it’s done. No going through two or three clicks, just one! Could be my fishing addon working the magic but whatever it is, it’s great.

Hmm … let’s see. Anything else …

Oh! That Fel Overseer Mudlump just pretty much one shot the Warlock. Cat’s had no trouble, even got her Spike-Toed Booterang from him, what is up? The Warlock is my go-to girl for rares. Is she losing her mojo?

What’s the difference between Cat and … OH! The Warlock tried it again and stayed in melee distance, no problem. Yeah Mudlump, we got your number now.

Ah … okay … as you were … just got a little excited about pet bandages.


Just Because …

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cathomeOkay, I’ll try this again. Third time’s the charm. Over the course of the flying debacle it really brought home the diversity of thought among those of us who play WoW. There were reasons for and against flight that I would never even have thought of.

I’m happy about that as the thought of a bunch of crabby, nutty players JUST EXACTLY LIKE ME is horrifying. Not something I’D want to deal with.

For me, maybe even ONLY for me but I doubt that, flying allows me to enjoy the beauty of WoW. Sightseeing is an activity for me and I love it. Some of us raid, some of us sightsee. Some of us level to 100 by picking flowers. Some of us do all of those things. It’s all good.

Okay, I had forgotten about the flying assholes who swoop down on your objective while you’re fighting the guy who was standing over it but I’m not going to let that harsh my mellow today.


Okay … okay … yeah. I might start doing archaeology again. I admit it.