Just Because …

cathomeOkay, I’ll try this again. Third time’s the charm. Over the course of the flying debacle it really brought home the diversity of thought among those of us who play WoW. There were reasons for and against flight that I would never even have thought of.

I’m happy about that as the thought of a bunch of crabby, nutty players JUST EXACTLY LIKE ME is horrifying. Not something I’D want to deal with.

For me, maybe even ONLY for me but I doubt that, flying allows me to enjoy the beauty of WoW. Sightseeing is an activity for me and I love it. Some of us raid, some of us sightsee. Some of us level to 100 by picking flowers. Some of us do all of those things. It’s all good.

Okay, I had forgotten about the flying assholes who swoop down on your objective while you’re fighting the guy who was standing over it but I’m not going to let that harsh my mellow today.


Okay … okay … yeah. I might start doing archaeology again. I admit it.


15 Responses to “Just Because …”

  1. Good luck with archaeology. I simply could not get into it for any length of time.

  2. It will make Archaelogy in Draenor a bit easier. Nobody is going to swoop down and grab an ore node or herbs out from under you, that’s for sure. They might swoop in and get your mobs, but likely not much.

  3. Archaeology is buggy atm! There are these figure of 8 shapes for digging and it keep saying you can’t do that here and so i can’t complete an area. GRR!

  4. I’ll be working on my archaeology as well. Can’t wait to get all those pristines done so I can call it a day… until Legion, that is.

  5. As much as people swooping in to steal something happens with flying, it happens on ground mounts too. Perhaps less so but selfish people will be selfish no matter their mount.

    But yay to enjoying flying for sightseeing!

    • Yes, they’ve been doing the same thing on foot. My Druid should just shadowmeld and let THEM fight for the prize, lol.

      Nothing is going to get done now until she lands again. So much to see!

  6. You have such a knack for taking beautiful screenshots!

    Hmm, if Archaeology is being buggy right now, perhaps I’ll wait a bit before I take Kam out to finish her Draenor artifact collection. I’ve been spending most of my play time lately on farming a grocery list of old raid for bits and bobs for planned Transmogrification kits anyway.

    • Thank you! Yes, I might put archaeology on the back burner for a bit if it’s buggy. Cat just realized that fishing in those pools of goop in Tanaan will be a lot less dangerous now. Still need about 180 more Felblight for Hachette’s clothes. Anyone else is just going to have to wear Baleful gear, Cat’s worn out with stitching leather, lol.

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