Wait! Wait! There’s More!

stackingOMG! 6.2.2 had more sneaky goodness! Maybe if I read the complete patch notes I would have known but these were a big, happy surprise! Pet bandages stack to 250 now. I happened to look and I had a stack of 79.

What? Oh, I know I carry a lot of junk, just ignore it. Now I have three more slots for even more junk!

AND I was not looking forward to handing in my lunkers to Nat as I think I had about 30 some. Again! Surprise! You just click on him for each fish and it’s done. No going through two or three clicks, just one! Could be my fishing addon working the magic but whatever it is, it’s great.

Hmm … let’s see. Anything else …

Oh! That Fel Overseer Mudlump just pretty much one shot the Warlock. Cat’s had no trouble, even got her Spike-Toed Booterang from him, what is up? The Warlock is my go-to girl for rares. Is she losing her mojo?

What’s the difference between Cat and … OH! The Warlock tried it again and stayed in melee distance, no problem. Yeah Mudlump, we got your number now.

Ah … okay … as you were … just got a little excited about pet bandages.



11 Responses to “Wait! Wait! There’s More!”

  1. Wow, I did not know that about the pet bandages! I, too, will gain a significant number of bag spaces from that. 😀

  2. I think it’s cool that all my characters can now throw away their safari hats! There’s another empty slot!

  3. The safari hat and the bandages were two of my favorite things too!

    Those little quality of life things can really improve the game so much!

    • They were a wonderful surprise! I’ve been rearranging everyone’s bags. Now I need to make some better bags for some of the newer alts so they can carry around even more stuff that might come in handy one day.

  4. I missed this post somehow! This is why we are friends – I absolutely understand the pet battle bandage elation!

    • I know! We both got excited about it! Best thing ever and all my alts are grateful that they don’t have their bags filled with Cat’s bandages anymore.

      • It’s so funny because like you I didn’t even know there was that change – and like you I noticed it because I saw that there was one lot of bandages that had 28 in it or something and it suddenly clicked!

        I can’t solo those things. I’m the squishiest owlkin ever.

  5. I absolutely agree the changes to the safari hat and the bandages we’re the BEST now if only Blizz would unburden us with a few more items that really should be in the toybox.

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