A Thing I Didn’t Know and Eeny, Meeny Miney Mo

zormanafiendI’ve been trying to get the three pets from  Guk, Rukdug and Pugg in Nagrand and the three toys in Tanaan from Drakum, Gondar and Smashum Grabb. Cat got one toy and then wandered off pet battling so I’d been sending the Warlock.

With Smashum Grabb she’d go through two Voidlords usually and it was always kind of dicey towards the end. One day I thought, oh, why not see if my Hunter would want a try.

My Hunter is my very first character … yup … Night Elf Hunter. Yeah, I know. She’s semi-retired now after putting up with me through my rather lengthy noob stage, so yeah, she doesn’t get out much. Which means I have no idea how to hunter.

WTF! Armed with nothing but my severe lack of knowledge and her pig Mooshu she beat the holy crap out of those guys! Who knew!

Well … okay … I guess all you skilled Hunters knew. I’ll really have to see if I can figure out how to hunter properly. Not sure why I keep getting aggro though but I did remember I can flop down dead and fool them. Only Rukdug refuses to comply but she’ll wear him down.

zogsasIt’s the time of expansion to pick a new project. The four who have a shipyard are pretty much just hanging around waiting for Kazzak and hoping he’ll give them something. What’s next?

Oh poor Sasche, there she is patiently waiting at 93 in her garrison. I do really feel guilty and should get her on the road but …

jananbonesshouldn’t the Death Knight have a chance at fame and glory in Tanaan. Kicking ass and taking names, I know he wants to, he’s a little tired of blacksmithing all day.

thaliosAnd what’s this? Not another attempt at a Paladin! I don’t know, he might just make it. Everyone is so enamored with him. I really didn’t have a lot of heirlooms as I don’t want to hurry when leveling.

When Cat saw Thalios she spent about 2500 gold to buy heirlooms no one wanted just to get him a Chauffeured Chopper so he wouldn’t have to endure the indignity of walking from quest to quest.

I was really surprised when they all decided Sasche should go first. I would have bet money on Thalios. Maybe he’ll be next. He better not wait too long because when the Demon Hunter arrives there’s no doubt in my mind who will go first. Better get a move on Thal.


6 Responses to “A Thing I Didn’t Know and Eeny, Meeny Miney Mo”

  1. When you said “semi-retired,” I had read “She’s semi-retarded” and it still fits the sentence pretty well. The Chauffeur will spare Thalios from any chaffing from obligatory strutting from hub to hub. Gold well spent for his comfort.

    • ROTFL! I had to quickly check to make sure I hadn’t made a typo. That poor hunter endures so much because of my derpiness.

      Indeed, one can not become soiled walking around like a commoner! It’s enough that he has to sort all this out for them but to expect him to walk? Ridiculous!

  2. I have to admit, I bought enough heirlooms for the Chauffeur and achievement but I have yet to use him for any low level toons.

  3. The Chauffeur is indeed worth the effort but luckily heirlooms was already high on my list of must collect everything so I had more than enough. You know what, besides the monk I’m still slowly working on, my plate wearers we’re also my last toons be leveled. I wonder why that is? Might be a melee thing for me since I tend to prefer ranged.

    • I am so bad at plate wearers, I have a warrior who will probably be forever level 60 and I’ve never got a Paladin past level 45. I don’t mind melee with the Druid, Rogue or Monk so I don’t know what it is about them.

      I was happy the Demon Hunter is a leather wearer, I seem to be okay with them.

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