For the Birds

deathrukEverything seems bird-themed lately. For this first one Sasche wanted me to get out a warning to anyone just reaching the Axefall garrison in Spires of Arak for the first time. She rose up in the air above the garrison. So excited to begin questing she consulted her map and then BAM! DEAD!

Whaaaa? Deathwing? Has he come back? What happened?

No Sasche don’t worry, it’s not Deathwing. Apparently Rukmar thinks it’s funny to circle around Axefall picking off Spires of Arak noobs. These are not friendly skies, watch out.

customgCat was hanging around checking for a gate to acquire a Voidtalon. Nope, no gates but she was near Demidos so she checked custom groups to see if anyone wanted help. I have to admit custom groups are pretty entertaining sometimes. Yup, someone wanted help … sort of:

“Chance at pet *if u realm hop i will boot u from grp IDC what you are doing* BE AT THIS SOCRETHARS RIZE OR BE KICKED”

I’ve noticed Kazzak groups that never fill too for the same reason. I guess they never heard the one about catching more flies with honey.

And no I didn’t help them, I don’t like to be yelled at before I’ve done anything wrong, lol.

birdsuitI couldn’t figure out what Cat was doing still accumulating Apexis Crystals. She pretty much has all the mounts except for the 50,000 gold one. What’s she up to? Ah ha! I should have known! A bird suit toy! Cat’s become quite a toy fanatic, personally I don’t think I’d spend 50,000 Apexis on a bird suit but that’s just me.

catmoonHey! Cat! That’s not funny! I said it was just me, you don’t have to go getting all touchy.

Man … I can’t believe it … she mooned me. Well … Druid mooned me … which apparently includes a bird.

2 Responses to “For the Birds”

  1. I do not get the realm hopping hate. I’ve seen it before looking for the daily pet battle person and I just don’t get it. Is there some burden placed on the person that set things up to have cross realm stuff?

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate CRZ in a lot of ways, but i just don’t understand the anti-realm hopping.

    • I know, you see it a lot in custom groups but maybe it somehow negatively impacts them?? They can’t do quests or queue for things?

      It was their loss as I already have the pet and it would have been theirs if it dropped but I’m unlikely to group with someone who’s YELLING AT ME, lol.

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