Thank You for the Little Things

blackwarOh calm down, they’re just puppies. What kind of a War Tiger are you anyway. The other day I was with Sasche, she had just reached Tanaan and I was feeling so sorry for her. She doesn’t have money like the Alliance side and I realized she’d also have a hard time putting together a fleet.

I mean she could have all the ships but the equipment was going to be hard to get. I don’t even see groups for the Savage Whale Shark in custom groups anymore. Poor Sasche, once again she’s missing out.

I checked the equipment vendor to remember who she’d have to kill to get what. WHAT! Sasche has them all! Yay! Somewhere along the way they must have made them account wide. This is wonderful! For once Sasche’s not getting the shaft.

Things like that make my day. I thought about it and realized there had been other little things. Cat is sitting up there on a Black War Tiger, something that’s purchased with honor points and she doesn’t PvP. She’s on a push to try to get at least close to 250 mounts. I was SO pleased to get enough honor through garrison missions that she was able to purchase all five of the black war mounts.

So just thank you … um … Lead Little Things Designer … Lead Quality of Life Designer? Lead Soothing the Nerd Rage Designer? I don’t know but whoever you are, could you do something about RNG thank you.

4 Responses to “Thank You for the Little Things”

  1. Hey grats on your new additions. Making the equipment account-wide was a great change. I’m loving it on my alts but couldn’t be bothered grinding out those other ships.

  2. Well that’s a great quality of life thing! Glad you could get the stuff you need (and also not have to do some stuff since you’ve done it already)

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