Grinding, Pets, Toys and Taking the Initiative

jungleboarCat’s been pretty quiet because she FINALLY overcame her reluctance to killing Saberon for their claws. There she is sitting on her Bristling Hellboar.

I heard her yell, you’re safe now! I am never, EVER coming back … ever.

She does enjoy her new title, she briefly thought of changing her name to George … but then nah. She’ll probably change it back to insane and George the Insane doesn’t have the same ring to it.

terkyShe acquired Terky in Borean Tundra and then took him sightseeing. He’s been wonderful. She’s seen him dance quite a few times but unfortunately he usually did it while she was killing Saberon so she was a little distracted.

Must have been the blood lust in old Terky bringing out the dancing. Guess she’ll have to find someone else to pick on to get him dancing again.

coindisguiseYeah … I think Cat hoped for something more, I don’t know, elegant from her Coin of Many Faces. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

girlfriendYes! Now that’s what I call taking a great tool and making it your own! You go, you inventive person! I hope they got some serious inquiries.

jawesomeYes! Yes, the moment I’ve been waiting for! Thalios gets to meet his doppelganger! Thalios was unimpressed. At present Thalios is pretty unimpressive himself. I was hopeful as he rushed to level 20 but I found out that was only because he had a broom he wanted to ride … since then, nothing.

beerhallowCat likes Hallow’s End. REALLY likes it. Some of my characters are more restrained, just one set of decorations. Not Cat, she’s got them all. And Terky, and disguises! Life is good!

hotseatThere’s only one tiny, tiny, thing. She likes Deluwin, seems like an okay guy. What did he do to deserve this … unfortunate placement.

A Happy Hallow’s End to all! You too Del!

6 Responses to “Grinding, Pets, Toys and Taking the Initiative”

  1. Oh wow, nice job on the claws. I need to do that at some stage. Maybe after my 2 last pristine solves. I don’t know why but I keep getting human females with my coin on Cym. Maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow.

  2. Several years ago I tried to make one of those single eyeball jack-o-lanterns.

    Didn’t work out so well.

    Maybe this year….

  3. I only got my coin on the last day! Grats on your claws – gosh I am impressed that you got it all by yourself – I have big trouble trying ot kill them! THank goodness taht spider in the garrison stays there so I can still keep trying to get taht sack of spiders….

    • Thanks! It sure took a while and I never want to see another saberon, lol.

      Good luck on your sack of spiders! I think I had that spider in four different garrisons and Sasche was the lucky one who finally got it.

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