Fel Boost and Taking Care of Bidness


I enjoyed all the panels through the virtual ticket, the changes coming to transmogrification seemed to get the biggest reaction from the audience. I was thrilled about node sharing. It makes it a LOT easier to keep that warm, fuzzy feeling about your fellow players if they aren’t swooping in and stealing the stuff you just fought your way to, so that’s a big plus!

I thought about pre-purchasing Legion for about two minutes. Who am I kidding, why not. The only risk is that I’ll drop dead before summer 2016 and if that happens I’ll probably not be worrying about having bought Legion. I’ll be in some netherworld trying to figure out how to communicate with my husband to tell him how to cancel the account.

So I did it. And then I realized jeez, I don’t really want a boost. Mmm … I’ve got one though … wait! I just leveled Sasche and Ironrose, do I really feel like going through once again for Phanta right now? Nope, I’d rather do low level leveling.

So Phanta the Goblin Rogue got the boost, yeah, big whoop. But wait! What’s this! Wait, this IS a big whoop!


She has a level three Great Hall! She had about eight followers ready to go! I later found out she had level 1 blueprints already learned. She was ecstatic because Phanta may be a Rogue but first she is all Goblin. There is money to be made!

She’s been having fun flying around collecting her twenty followers to put them to work. She’s been killing rares and digging up treasures for garrison resources which has been really enjoyable … so yeah … the boost turned out to be a lot of fun. She’s been bossing everyone around and getting her Goblin money machine rolling.


And then there’s Cat. She was willing to spend hundreds of thousands of her gold for a Chicken to ride so you know she insisted I get the Deluxe Editions for the mount and pet.

Look at my Felstalker, isn’t he beautiful?

Um … he’s ah … different Cat. I think the chicken is more Druidy though.

Well I think a moos …

STOP CAT! Let’s not go there, be happy with your Felstalker and let’s leave it at that, okay?

If you keep going on about the mount that shall remain unnamed I’ll bring up something you don’t want to hear.

Like what?

Okay Cat, you asked for it. If you really want to hit 250 mounts you’re going to have to go to the ARGENT TOURNAMENT AND JOUS-

STOP! Don’t say it! Okay! OKAY!

Whew, I think that’ll work. I’m tired of Cat going on and on about an overgrown deer.

7 Responses to “Fel Boost and Taking Care of Bidness”

  1. Yeah, Cool showed me the pet and mount in-game yesterday. Not crazy about the mount but the pet is cuter at least.

  2. By the way, those boost perks are pretty sweet. Shame we don’t have many tribute followers on Horde side like there are on Alliance.

  3. I absolutely love the back-and-forths you with your WoW toons. It makes me want to take all my toons with a back-story to RP servers.

    • Some of them speak to me and others not a word. Cat’s the biggest talker. My Alliance Warlock is the complainer and the Horde Warlock is pretty stoic. What’s odd is that I know they’re all me and I’m still sometimes surprised by what they do, lol.

  4. I’m curious — which eight followers did you get?

    I’m being tempted now to pre-purchase Legion so that I can use the boost on one of my lower-level characters — though I’ll probably just get the regular edition because I’m not interested in the pet & mount this time around (though I’m still very pleased with having gotten the pet & mount from the Warlords deluxe edition).

    • I should have paid attention but I’m not sure now, she quickly rounded up 20 and now I don’t remember who was who!

      For something I wasn’t interested in it has turned out to be great. Today I thought I’d send her to Tanaan and was so pleased that she skipped most of the quests and landed in Tanaan and only had to do the two or three there. She even lucked out and got a Kazz kill as I didn’t think she’d get in a group at iLevel 640.

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