For the Horde … and the Bifactional and the Mooseless


Yup, Sasche got really excited. Climbed to the top of her Garrison and was yelling, FOR THE HORDE! Not really like her, she’s usually pretty quiet.

Sasche, what is it? What’s going on?

When she told me what she saw in trade I had to agree with her. There is a Fenris guild called The Outcasts and they are offering Moose Mount runs free of charge just to help people acquire the much coveted Grove Warden.

I believe there was no iLevel requirement but all the information can be found here. Oucasts, I salute you. That is an incredibly nice thing to do. Aka’Magosh.

So I told Cat about it and asked her if she’d change sides for a chance at the moose.

hordelionThe Moose is DEAD to me! Dead I say. I have my Druid Rooster, that’s all I need. I don’t believe in factions anyway. In fact I’m working on bringing them together, I’ve even made a new symbol for when we all join as one.

Really? Um … the Siberian Huskies of Azeroth?

NO! That’s a lion, I mean it’s not set in stone, it’s just a working idea to take along to meetings.

Well who have you recruited so far? Anyone?

As a matter of fact, yes. Rose is totally with me on this.

Oh boy, now I see it. Two Druids. Maybe you’ve been spending too much time with the Cenarion Circle. Anyone else? How about Phanta? Did you talk to her.

That Goblin is impossible! She offered to change sides for a fee. I told her we don’t want SIDES we want to fight as one.

Well I wish you good luck with that Cat. A worthy cause, you and Rose keep it up … but Cat?

Maybe you should put the Druid Rooster on the symbol instead of the Husky … oh … I mean Lion …


Jeez! Cat calm down, I was just joking you! Being a faction organizer is making you lose your sense of humor. Damn.


11 Responses to “For the Horde … and the Bifactional and the Mooseless”

  1. I like your bifactional logo! Can I join the party?

  2. Thank you! Absolutely, Cat and Rose will be thrilled!

  3. Great to see guilds offering the run free of charge.

  4. I may have to show up and join you on a run boss lady!

  5. I’m glad there are nice people out there! And I”m with Kam, that logo is ace.

    • I know, it’s always great to read about people doing something nice for a change.

      Thanks! I don’t think Cat’s having much luck yet with her new faction though but it’s early days.

  6. wolfgangcat Says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen anyone offering free runs yet 😛
    I don’t have any Horde toons close to 100 so I don’t know if anyone is offering free runs on the “other side.”

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