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A Cure for Real Life

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WoW is my usual Xanax of choice for stupid real life. It isn’t working right now and since I received Witcher 3 from my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas I thought I’d see if it would work better.

Yes, that’s me. I’m a total badass. The baddest, baddiest badass EVER. Not much resemblance to me IRL though, except for the hair.

Early going was rough, I knew my son-in-law was interested in Witcher and I thought I’d have to give it back to him. I couldn’t graduate from the tutorial. Same problem I usually have.

I was supposed to throw a bomb from a key that wouldn’t work. I finally figured out how to keybind it to something reasonable and passed! Yay! I can see the world!

What? Although I installed the game on my D: drive where’s there’s plenty of room it also put a LOT of junk on my C: to the point that my operating system would be squashed. How dare they!

That took me forever to try to regain some room. System Restore Points? Who need those anyway … and I managed to get the game to run from the D: rather than the steamish thing it installed. We’re in business!

Let’s see the world! Oh yeah … combat. Should have paid more attention. Impossible keys again and I want to see the world so I’ll just keybind one attack to my one key. I don’t need no stinking parry and dodge.

I called my horse. And I am not only smoking hot and a badass, I can vault onto my horse from behind. I know, how cool is that.

Ghoul attack! Ghoul attack! Crap!

How do I dismount … oh, okay.

One key, one key, one key!

One key really hard!


Crap! I’m almost dead here!

I had to run away. Geralt of Rivia didn’t run away, I ran away. Then I got caught up in gathering. He’s probably getting really annoyed waiting for me while I pick flowers but it’s relaxing and the world’s so beautiful.

I know Geralt! Jeez, he thinks  I should make use of the combat tutorial again. You know, I’m starting to think you’re not a badass Geralt, you’re a smart ass.

Oh alright … maybe he’s right. Maybe I DO need to know how to parry and dodge. Anyway, greetings from White Orchard! Geralt and I may be stuck here … a while.

It’s kinda like being stuck in Elwynn Forest or Tirisfal Glades for the entirety of your WoW career. I know, Geralt will never live it down.


Happy Winter’s Veil

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Okay … I can take a hint. I’ve been DCed so many times this morning. I get it, I get it. Cookies to make, rooms to clean for visitors. Blizzard is telling me, get off the computer. Spoilsports.

Anyway, I just wanted to say happy holidays. The part other than the cleaning and cooking … unless you like cooking. Although Cat is the one with all the holiday decorations, Rose there was the most excited when she saw her tree in her Garrison. She took flight without even changing to bird form.

I received an unexpected holiday gift … sort of. My Paladin Blood Elf wasn’t going anywhere, I started a Druid thinking I’d try Balance again, didn’t get liftoff there either. Ironsally’s not looking to get any farther … haven’t been back to Wildstar.

My Aurin is stuck in the town, can’t remember the name, where she was tasked with jumping up to the top of the tree. She keeps falling off half way up. She will NOT leave until she manages it. It’s also not helping her self esteem that people keep flying past her up the tree … essentially one-shotting  the tree.

So anyway, every time I login I feel a little guilty when I see my former main, well second former main sitting there. I stopped liking my Enhancement Shaman when they went duel wield. I changed to Elemental, I never “got” it.

So on a whim I changed back to Enhancement and she kicked butt even though half her gear was still intellect. What is this? I like her again! It’s a Winter Veil gift! I’m dying to get back in Azeroth and get her properly dressed but … Ginger Snaps.

If the house is full of dust bunnies come Christmas I know I’d be forgiven, but no Ginger Snaps? My life would not be worth living.

Happy Winter’s Veil! May your cookies make themselves and your dust bunnies disappear. Tell them they could come here, they’d have lots of company.

Mesmerizing Fruit Hat or Carmen Miranda Files a Police Report

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Yeah, as soon as Cat heard about the Mesmerizing Fruit Hat that would turn her Garrison into one long conga line, she was all over that baby.

She had to head out to the Valley of Four Winds to the Imperial Granary. Jeez, it turns out  the Granary Vandals had obviously mugged Carmen Miranda for her hat and those little bastards had stashed their plunder under their front porch.


My only other character who was interested in retrieving the hat was … yeah … Phanta. Now she won’t have to dance on tables alone. Phanta did some extensive research and found she could lead her line around while dancing and flying.


Last I saw they’d all taken over the Town Hall much to the disgust of Warmaster Zog who refused to join in such frivolous behavior.


For once I didn’t feel bad about leaving them for server maintenance knowing they’d just party the time away. Probably be too tired to do anything when I get back. Looks like Cat will get out of doing archaeology again today. Score one for Cat.

Quirks … We Got Em

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Jeez Rose! Not for nothing, I did tell you I was coming. Your guards tried to kill me, what’s that about anyway? Didn’t you send them the bi-factional memo?

I’m sorry sister, it seems everyone is not in complete agreement with your plan to be one big happy family but I’m glad you made it through and … um … I’m sure you’re happy to hear the guards will survive the little bi-factional dust-up you had.

Yeah, Cat just can’t seem to “get” that everyone’s not on the same page with her, she wanted to visit Rose and tell her about getting a wonderful message from a fellow HORDE Druid who was trying to help her out. The Druid also had the best name, Cat would steal if she could. Thank you Poshkin!

I realized that Cat’s not the only one who’s a little quirky. I have two Feral Druids, two Destruction Warlocks and two Combat Rogues. They are specced exactly the same. Same talents, same everything.

Do they play the same? Nope, with the exception of the Druids, not even close. Sasche the Forsaken Warlock is usually pulling six or seven things and at half health most of the time. Cim the Human is usually hanging back like she’s afraid to break a nail. What’s that about?

Is there a thought somewhere in the back of my head that since Sasche’s already dead she’s … hardier? Really bizarre.

I have two Rogues. The Alliance Gnome got to 100 to open lockboxes and now she sits in the Garrison.

I don’t enjoy her at all.

She’s always almost dead.


The Horde Goblin got to 100 and won’t stop killing everything.

I love her.

She’s always almost dead.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. I think it might be the fact that she’s a Goblin. She’s rude, crude and drives a horrific contraption spewing so much pollution that people must think reavers are attacking. I seem to like Goblins in spite of that.

I have never successfully leveled a Blood Elf over level thirty.

Why do we feel affinity with certain races and not others? Beats me.


Welp … just one more example. I decided to have a look at Wildstar as I hadn’t been back since they went free-to-play. I had to make my third Aurin Stalker. I keep leaving and when I come back I can’t remember how to play one.

I always think, try something else why don’t you. Lots of cool races and classes.

Yeah … nope. Aurin Stalker.

Who knows, maybe the third time really will be the charm.



Post WoW Goal Depression

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I had never really thought about it but it appears I have some weird ideas about luck … or maybe it’s Cat … yeah, probably Cat. All my characters who can, have been helping Cat on her quest to get Mountacular. Yesterday we had three mounts to go. I could buy them but that didn’t seem right. Let’s keep trying.

Cat wanted to do Firelands as there’s also a Druid toy, Fandral’s Seed Pouch in there. She doesn’t really need it but she’s a toy fanatic. So we do Alysrazor and darn, we get the mount. Crap. We had that one.

Well Cat, we might as well leave, we’ve used up our luck.

No, I want to smack down Fandral for his pouch. Besides, it’s fun.

Fandral didn’t give up his pouch but we’re almost done, might as well finish it. Even though … you know … we’ve used up our luck.

Yeah, how weird is that. Cat couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it. The Smoldering Egg of Millagazor dropped … even though we’d used up our luck. Damn. Who knew.

Well then, why stop now.


We headed to Zul’Gurub and yep, Armored Razzashi Raptor. What is going on? This is crazy! At this point we got ridiculous. We did the Voidtalon portal route, we did the Warbringer route. We even thought about going to Stratholme and we gave up on that place back when it was still hard to do solo.


We thought about it and decided that since three mounts had dropped, even though we already had one, buying the last wouldn’t be cheating. Cim bought that overpriced Riverwallow from those highway robbers in Stormshield. There. Done. Yay … sorta.

I did learn a valuable lesson about luck. I should have figured it out from the 160 plus times I ran Sethekk Halls for big bird. Sometimes you have none and sometimes it can strike three times in a row. Don’t try to second guess luck.

Anyway, now what do I do. That was supposed to last until Legion came out. Maybe I’ll check in with Ironsally … see if she’s feeling feisty.