Quirks … We Got Em


Jeez Rose! Not for nothing, I did tell you I was coming. Your guards tried to kill me, what’s that about anyway? Didn’t you send them the bi-factional memo?

I’m sorry sister, it seems everyone is not in complete agreement with your plan to be one big happy family but I’m glad you made it through and … um … I’m sure you’re happy to hear the guards will survive the little bi-factional dust-up you had.

Yeah, Cat just can’t seem to “get” that everyone’s not on the same page with her, she wanted to visit Rose and tell her about getting a wonderful message from a fellow HORDE Druid who was trying to help her out. The Druid also had the best name, Cat would steal if she could. Thank you Poshkin!

I realized that Cat’s not the only one who’s a little quirky. I have two Feral Druids, two Destruction Warlocks and two Combat Rogues. They are specced exactly the same. Same talents, same everything.

Do they play the same? Nope, with the exception of the Druids, not even close. Sasche the Forsaken Warlock is usually pulling six or seven things and at half health most of the time. Cim the Human is usually hanging back like she’s afraid to break a nail. What’s that about?

Is there a thought somewhere in the back of my head that since Sasche’s already dead she’s … hardier? Really bizarre.

I have two Rogues. The Alliance Gnome got to 100 to open lockboxes and now she sits in the Garrison.

I don’t enjoy her at all.

She’s always almost dead.


The Horde Goblin got to 100 and won’t stop killing everything.

I love her.

She’s always almost dead.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. I think it might be the fact that she’s a Goblin. She’s rude, crude and drives a horrific contraption spewing so much pollution that people must think reavers are attacking. I seem to like Goblins in spite of that.

I have never successfully leveled a Blood Elf over level thirty.

Why do we feel affinity with certain races and not others? Beats me.


Welp … just one more example. I decided to have a look at Wildstar as I hadn’t been back since they went free-to-play. I had to make my third Aurin Stalker. I keep leaving and when I come back I can’t remember how to play one.

I always think, try something else why don’t you. Lots of cool races and classes.

Yeah … nope. Aurin Stalker.

Who knows, maybe the third time really will be the charm.



6 Responses to “Quirks … We Got Em”

  1. This is the thing that I love most about you, Tome. It fascinates me how you can have such varied relationships with your characters!

    Ooh, I just started Wildstar too! I’m on the Entity-2 server, rolled up an Aurin Spellslinger (because twin pew pew pistols looks cool). Name is Menashi Twoshoes if you want to try and get some adventuring in together! Maybe you can teach me about some of the stuff, hehe.

    • I just checked, I’m on one just called Entity. I looked at the server list and there was only a PvP server listed other than mine although I was sure the other day both Entity and Entity-2 were listed. I will keep checking and if it’s there I’ll make a … yep, Aurin Stalker on your server!

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Haha! I won’t tell you about my Priest/Death Noob “collections” that are all speced the same – but they do play “different.” That’s why we need so many of the same šŸ˜€

    • I know, right? They all have different personalities and fight differently. Or run away depending, lol. I swear Cim acts like she just had her hair done and doesn’t want to mess it up.

  3. […] Tome of the ancients looks at a few of their quirks when it comes to creating characters. I know I have a few quirks as well. […]

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