Mesmerizing Fruit Hat or Carmen Miranda Files a Police Report


Yeah, as soon as Cat heard about the Mesmerizing Fruit Hat that would turn her Garrison into one long conga line, she was all over that baby.

She had to head out to the Valley of Four Winds to the Imperial Granary. Jeez, it turns out  the Granary Vandals had obviously mugged Carmen Miranda for her hat and those little bastards had stashed their plunder under their front porch.


My only other character who was interested in retrieving the hat was … yeah … Phanta. Now she won’t have to dance on tables alone. Phanta did some extensive research and found she could lead her line around while dancing and flying.


Last I saw they’d all taken over the Town Hall much to the disgust of Warmaster Zog who refused to join in such frivolous behavior.


For once I didn’t feel bad about leaving them for server maintenance knowing they’d just party the time away. Probably be too tired to do anything when I get back. Looks like Cat will get out of doing archaeology again today. Score one for Cat.

11 Responses to “Mesmerizing Fruit Hat or Carmen Miranda Files a Police Report”

  1. Hee hee, I *thought* Cat would be one of the first of my friends to snatch up a Mesmerizing Fruit Hat! She looks like she’s really having a ball — and it’s hilarious that Phanta can lead a conga line from her rocket. 😀

  2. I can’t read this and not think about the “other” thing that Carmen Miranda was (in)famous for, that dance photo with Cesar Romero, and think “Cat, you naughty naughty Druid!”

  3. I love that last shot! So festive.

  4. Have you heard that battle pets can wear the fruit hat? 😉 I don’t know if you read Quintessence’s blog, but here’s a link:

    I love your screenshots! I must retrieve this hat for myself…and my pets…

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