Happy Winter’s Veil


Okay … I can take a hint. I’ve been DCed so many times this morning. I get it, I get it. Cookies to make, rooms to clean for visitors. Blizzard is telling me, get off the computer. Spoilsports.

Anyway, I just wanted to say happy holidays. The part other than the cleaning and cooking … unless you like cooking. Although Cat is the one with all the holiday decorations, Rose there was the most excited when she saw her tree in her Garrison. She took flight without even changing to bird form.

I received an unexpected holiday gift … sort of. My Paladin Blood Elf wasn’t going anywhere, I started a Druid thinking I’d try Balance again, didn’t get liftoff there either. Ironsally’s not looking to get any farther … haven’t been back to Wildstar.

My Aurin is stuck in the town, can’t remember the name, where she was tasked with jumping up to the top of the tree. She keeps falling off half way up. She will NOT leave until she manages it. It’s also not helping her self esteem that people keep flying past her up the tree … essentially one-shotting  the tree.

So anyway, every time I login I feel a little guilty when I see my former main, well second former main sitting there. I stopped liking my Enhancement Shaman when they went duel wield. I changed to Elemental, I never “got” it.

So on a whim I changed back to Enhancement and she kicked butt even though half her gear was still intellect. What is this? I like her again! It’s a Winter Veil gift! I’m dying to get back in Azeroth and get her properly dressed but … Ginger Snaps.

If the house is full of dust bunnies come Christmas I know I’d be forgiven, but no Ginger Snaps? My life would not be worth living.

Happy Winter’s Veil! May your cookies make themselves and your dust bunnies disappear. Tell them they could come here, they’d have lots of company.

18 Responses to “Happy Winter’s Veil”

  1. Happy Winter Veil to you too!

  2. Happy Winter Veil!!

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    Happy Winter Veil and cookies from the bakery FTW!

  4. Happy Winter’s Veil to you! Don’t forget to use your wand!

  5. We drastically cut the batch sizes, but managed to make cookies for both sisters-in-law. They got hurt before finishing their cookies. Finally getting our breath back to wish all happiness! Miss y’all!

    • Kalli! It’s been too long, wasn’t it about a year ago or so we OLRG took down the dread Ragnaros. I miss that. Yeah, I’m embarrassed to say the cookies I made didn’t make it past Christmas evening, lol. But I didn’t eat ALL of them.

  6. I hope you had happy Holidays! I was thinking about you this Winter’s Veil as I kept opening my Savage Gift looking for a mount. I thought, if I think like Ancient, I will get a mount. So I sat down and talked to my garrison followers how I thought Cat would, I pet battled a bit and still no mount from my box. Maybe I should start blowing kisses at dark haired human males.

    • Let’s just say Winter’s Veil was a lot better than real life, lol. But it was Sasche who saved the day by getting the mount in her Savage Gift for Cat the collector. I think she sent her a gift basket!

      And blowing kisses couldn’t hurt, I’d give it a shot!

  7. Mmmm, ginger snaps…

  8. Still here. Still adore you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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