Say Something Nice


Lately I feel kinda like Blizzard got a new puppy and is ignoring their poor old dog Wow. I read about Tracer’s butt pose. I thought she looked sassy and cheeky, no pun intended. Could be because I looked at her pose not her butt … maybe it’s just me.

I hope Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch do well for Blizzard but I thought my old dog Wow needed some love. There have been a lot of negative things said about Warlords and yes, I know I said some of them so I decided to find something nice to say.


Yeah really, I’ve been in Azeroth since the beginning and to me, the Art Department has NEVER let me down. Flying around and enjoying the world’s beauty and sometimes terror is a frequent activity for me and no doubt many others. So Art Department, you do a most, most, excellent job.

In fact I think you are solely responsible for me not unsubscribing at the ends of expansions when there is squat all to do. You made this my second home.


I wanted to say something nice specifically to Warlords … um. Let me think, let me think. I have a love/hate relationship with some things like Garrisons. Is there something I’ll miss when I ship out to battle demons? Oh! I know!


As conflicted as my feeling about Garrisons were I loved my Stables. My characters all have favorite mounts which means I don’t even remember having some of my mounts or what they even look like. Rotating favorite mounts every few weeks at the Stables means I get to revisit old favorites. Yeah, you get a gold star Stables.


This is subjective, I know there are those who listen to their own playlists rather than WoW’s music. I do have playlists too but usually only for onerous tasks like grinding.


There’s Cat … lollygagging. I have “flyover warnings” for parts of Draenor. If I’m in a hurry to get somewhere I have to avoid them. There are areas where I have to hang over until the piece finishes. I have “hanging in the air listening to the music” areas. Thank you.



Thanks to my new Paladin’s recent and rapid ascent to 100 I got a chance to revisit some of my favorite quests. It’s kind of a tie between The Drakkensryd in Storm Peaks and Gnomebliteration in Uldum. I even save them for just the right moment.

I want to make sure I can kill as many of those little sons of have plenty of uninterrupted time to enjoy them. Again, thanks WoW.



A while ago I was bemoaning the fact that I’d not made any special NPC friends this expansion. Since then I’ve been spending a lot of time on the shores of Shadowmoon Valley pet battling in a probably futile attempt to FINALLY get 2000 pet battles completed for the Garrison monument.

It gets … tedious. I don’t have any pets to level so it’s basically just wanton slaughter but hey! Cool monument!

So anyway, since I’m sort of on autopilot I’ve been listening in on the nearby fishermen conversing with each other and the kids and I realized I liked these people. So I’ll probably NEVER get to freaking 2000 pet battles in Draenor but I’m enjoying the company there at the beach.

So there. There’s a scratch behind the ear for my old dog Wow. I hope he knows how much many of us still love him, new puppies or not.

14 Responses to “Say Something Nice”

  1. All this, Tome.

    • I know they are excited about the launch of Overwatch and that Hearthstone seems to be a great success but I feel like WoW’s been kicked to the side of the road. At least Duncan Jones seems to be excited about it. I’ll have to be happy with that.

  2. I also have moments when I’m flying around and a snatch of music grabs me and I have to stop and listen until the music loops before I can keep going. I love the music in this game. I really should buy the soundtracks sometime — though I want ALL the music, just not the “greatest hits” that make it into the official soundtracks. Getting caught by the music seems to happen a lot in Shadowmoon Valley for me, too, lately. Even though I’m Horde, I’ve been spending a lot of time there in recent weeks working on just the 150 pet battles to get to the level 3 Menagerie — (almost) every day I go visit Ashlei and chop down all the trees around Arbor Glen.

    Ditto also the scenery and the NPC RP that is out there to be stumbled upon.

    • Yes! I make slow progress through some of the zones because I have to stop and listen.

      Good luck on your 150 battles and Ashlei and Tarr the Terrible and Cat are well acquainted as they both are great for leveling pets!

  3. I love those kids who find the orc skeleton.

  4. Selfmanic Says:

    I’ve been listening to a lot of video game music on my headphones at work. It makes for great concentration music. Just added all the WoW albums to my classical station lol.

  5. I have to admit, the main reason I wanted to level my Alliance priest was to play through Yrel’s storyline and to see the Alliance Garrison. The buildings are so much nicer than Horde.

    Oh and I’m still 700 and something away from that pet monument… sigh.

    • I feel a lot toastier in my Alliance Garrison then in my Horde that’s for sure.

      I know, I keep plugging away and I don’t seem to get any closer. I think if I actually had pets that needed to level maybe it would help. And I know if I don’t get it done before Legion I won’t ever get it done.

  6. I find myself unexpectedly returning to my garrisons a lot. Things like the AH and my transmog dude are nice and close together. And I still mine for extra archeology fragments. And frankly, I still haven’t given up hope for one day being able to buy that pet mirror toy.

    • You know I thought about it but haven’t done it yet. I just kind of wanted to check in and see how things are going there. I have a few alts that didn’t want to leave their garrisons until they really had to!

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