Gamer’s Butt


Yeah, I’m still here it’s just that I’m not really playing. I login a few times a day to make sure the crew is making money through missions. It has nothing to do with WoW … it’s me.

Cat’s showing you the location of our … um … malady. I have Gamer’s Butt, you could say that I have a giant pain in the ass. The result is I can’t sit down or drive or do anything that can’t be done standing up or laying down. Well, I can but it hurts like hell.

Ischial Bursitis is what it’s called, also Weaver’s Bottom or Tailor’s Bottom. It’s usually runners who get it but I’ve decided to call it Gamer’s Butt so you’ll all be warned, it could happen to you.

Apparently sitting in front of a computer for twenty years working and then sitting in front of a computer after work playing is not without dangers. BE WARNED.

It probably got this bad because I’ve been using the ‘hoping it will go away on it’s own” method of treatment. It wasn’t very successful, so BEWARE! GUARD YOUR FLANK! Stand up every once in a while, don’t be stupid like me.

I HAVE to get this resolved by August 30th or I’m going to have to invest in a treadmill desk.

Okay, I’ve reached my sitting time limit. Miss you and still love you Azeroth. I’m just … butt hurt.


16 Responses to “Gamer’s Butt”

  1. Owwww. Warning to get up from the computer chair and move around regularly duly noted.

    What’s the treatment? Do you just have to not sit down (as much as you can manage) until it goes away on its own?

    • They gave me an NSAID that actually works. I’d never had one in the past that did anything. I’m supposed use cold packs and have stretches to do while they figure out what’s wrong with my ribs. If it doesn’t go away I don’t know the next step.

      I was afraid to ask as I envision them coming at my butt with a big needle or something lol.

      What gets me is I KNEW long ago it wasn’t healthy to sit for long periods but nope, didn’t listen.

  2. Oh no! It’s still great to hear from you even in brief intervals., thanks for letting us know what’s been going on and glad to know the treatment is working.

  3. Try using a pilates ball as chair, it works wonders. Make sure when picking up one that while sitting on it your upper legs are parallel to floor, so that you can sit comfortably for a longer time.

    It takes time to get used to it, but it should help with pain.

    • Oh thanks, I will get right on Amazon and order one! I really never thought about just how much I sit until now. Also never realized how uncomfortable it makes people when you stand.

  4. Ouch! I hope you don’t need the standing desk! I sit around a lot too, so I will pay attention to my butt from now on. 😛

    • Yes! Pay attention to that Dahakha butt! I’ve taken to reading on the treadmill if I have to stand while at the computer at least maybe I’ll get being in better shape out of the whole thing.

  5. Dangfool Says:

    So my past of limiting my WoW time to do “other things” has saved me from a PITB? Cool! I’ll reward myself with an extra hour of WoW this weekend… But only an extra hour.

  6. I. What. It. What. My own a$$…what. No.

    • I know! Being a hero in Azeroth is freaking dangerous, Gamer’s Butt, Carpal Tunnel, what’s next! I think they should give us all a free Love Rocket. I’d really appreciate those cushy Zevrha hide seats!

  7. I have been thinking for 3 days what to say. I was going to say, maybe the treadmill desk would be kinda good, fun in a way? And certainly healthy, right? Butt I”m not sure if the constant moving from walking will also irritate your butt.

    I did think about Cat though. If she turns into bear and goes to sleep, I am pretty sure that she will lie on her side. Not on her butt. So there’s one solution. You could turn into a bear and sleep on your side. Though not very useful for gaming, I admit, butt for Cat, I think also, not very good for getting dailies done – except those garry ones where you send other people off to do your dirty work.

    And I just realised…. and I shouldn’t even ask, about your butt and the toilet.

    • Oh, if only I could turn into bear form here! Yeah, Cat and the rest of them are only sending out their followers right now to do the work while they all rest up.

      LOL! That location isn’t too bad, what is almost impossible is driving. I don’t know why that position is the worst sitting position but it is, weird.

  8. Um, ouch. Have you gotten proficient at lying down and playing?

    • Not so far but if I don’t get a handle on it soon I’m either getting a standing desk or a laptop. I don’t want to be out of action when the pre-Legion stuff starts!

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