Stop Me Before I Kill Again


I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m always … it’s all about the journey … I like leveling and visiting the zones I love again, blah, blah blah. What a hypocrite. As soon as I heard about the XP from the invasions all I have done is level my poor Mage. Pettifog has been sitting at 20 for ages. I can’t Mage well at all. My highest Mage is 54 and my bank alt.

It’s kind of like the Garrison disease. I don’t want to do it but I can’t help myself. Sweet Elune, I am weak. I told Pettifog, okay. But just to level 60 and then off to visit Outland. Welp, next invasion will get her to 70. I must stop. I must end the madness!

Cat did invasions long enough to get the Felbat Pup and that was it for her. Cat’s DH cousin Felwynn did quite a few to learn how to fight but both of them have now had enough of doing them as melee.

I think the whole Fel Spreader thing is a myth. Felwynn joined many a raid and each Doomsayer was covered by someone and … nothing. So having no patience I paid an exorbitant amount of money for the toy and stopped hanging around town in vain.

Cat went off with Khadgar to Karazhan and in typical Cat fashion paid no attention to anything he was telling her and spent the whole time poking at him until he wet his pants. No, really. He did.


Cat then went visiting people she’ll miss when she ships out to fight demons next week. Aw, she’s such a softie that Cat.

So … two and a half more days. Surely Pettifog won’t continue on this breakneck pace. Here’s hoping she stops at level 70. I would enjoy a nice visit to Cata and then maybe I could learn to play a Mage.


And I don’t want to forget to say my goodbyes to Warlords. You were beautiful and I’ll bet I’ll be by again someday. Maybe not soon but someday.

See you all on the other side. Are you prepared?












14 Responses to “Stop Me Before I Kill Again”

  1. Right there with you, I just started playing again since my internet is finally good. The leveling is making me nuts, I hate grinding. Cant wait until the 30th.

  2. Prepared, what’s that? I have a lot of felbats, does that count?

  3. Can’t wait to do all this content for real.

  4. Pretty sure you’re not prepared.

    After all, that’s what Illidan says.

  5. Your mage adventure sounds distinctly like my druid adventure! Level 34 to 91 in four days. 😉

    With all the class changes the last couple of months, I find the more I tank the less I enjoy DPSing. And when I complained that I found my DK a bit boring in Blood spec, my husband suggested try a guardian druid… So my druid was a late addition to my “tank collection”, but I’ve actually really enjoyed her.

    Also, nice to see you posting again. I enjoy your blog very much. 🙂

  6. Oh! Your druid was really moving! I’ve been a kitty so long I’d forgotten I even had a bear. You’re braver than me, since I get hopelessly lost every time I’m in a dungeon I’ve given up on ever tanking as everyone seem to think you know where to go, lol.

    Thank you! Hopefully I’ll get some time to talk about Legion!

    • Haha, thanks but I don’t do raids. Too much chaos for me. I prefer wait it out 15 levels, and then I either solo it, or two-man it with my hubz. Lucky for me, he’s very much about the healers and ranged DPS. We’re a match made, I tells you! 😉 My play style is too much of a wade-in-and-start-slashing to play something that requires any subtlety.
      Me(trash talking the computer): Eat steel!
      A variation on that as of this weekend is “Eat claw!” 😉

      And I can’t take all the credit for leveling that druid, I had some mid-day weekday help from my son. He’s old enough to play, but not to have his own account yet, so he shares mine. And after a long weekend of me moving that druid around from one invasion to another, he took over Monday morning and managed to get her from 86 to 91. He’s such a sweet boy to help his mom like that. 😀

  7. Good evening fellow gamer! 🙂 Darling, can I ask this beautiful warlords picture in a bigger version? The scene is so nice I must have it! Or just tell me the location, let me visit this. 🙂

    • Oh sorry, I delete the huge originals after I make the one sized for the blog. You should be able to find the spot. If you were going from the Alliance Garrison on the road to Talador if I remember correctly it’s off the road to the right before you cross over to Talador.

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