Tome of the What and Best Thing Ever?


Yay! Yay! We’re in Legion! I can’t believe … Cat! What’s going on? We’re in Legion, see? There was just one little typo but I fixed it, probably an oversight but it’s okay I fixed it. Yay!

Cat that’s not us, it’s an actual book, calm down. I’m sorry but you can’t go around defacing the Ancient’s Tomes, you’ll get Druid demerits. They’ll take away artifact points or something. Put the book back the way you found it.


I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems with world quests. I know people are reporting that after killing a boss they don’t get credit. That’s happened to me but subsequent kills fixed that. I’m having non-boss quests not complete and since it’s not a boss I can’t redo it. I completed The Magic of Flight, it says I  received the Rotten Spellbook, I didn’t and I did not get credit. I can’t have a do over because the quest giver thinks I’ve done it.


Other than these hiccups I love the world quests and Cat’s been bouncing all over the place but the best thing EVER has got to be:


Flight Master’s Whistle has come in so handy when we’re sneaking around the city in Suramar and become completely lost and weary of being killed repeatedly. Off we’re taken to recover, have a cup of tea and regroup.

Oddly, sneaking around the city in Suramar is creepier than the sewers of Dalaran which is kind of a surprise. Cat lost her composure the other day when attacked down there by a Demon Hunter.

I’m headed down the tunnel to FISH! Leave me … dammit! Now Cat usually doesn’t respond to PVP. Just get it over with so I can come back, not this time … and then I always feel remorse as I think it was probably just a kid.

I think Cat has let her new bad ass form go to her head.















17 Responses to “Tome of the What and Best Thing Ever?”

  1. I don’t suppose you can get royalties?

  2. Tome, I miss you. I’m still here. Don’t doubt it for a moment.

    • Wave! I am here sort of too. I didn’t really grasp what 24 hour care of someone with Alzheimer’s would entail. Real life can totally go to hell. Not to mention, I don’t care WHAT they say I think I’m catching it.

      Well, I hope the day comes when you have time to write some beautiful stories cause I miss those a lot.

  3. Apart from the fact that Sira Moonwarden appears to be stalking me, (I get her …”show them how we deliver justice” message whenever I log in/zone at the moment regardless of there being any wardens quests in the vicinity), world quests are mostly working okay for me. I did one yesterday for a necklace only to be awarded something else instead but I got a reward and then the necklace showed up on another quest.

    I haven’t used my flight master’s whistle yet though, keep forgetting I have it. I swear my brain has melted into baby food since having a baby.

    • Lol! no one’s stalking me yet thank Elune. I really enjoy them as I kind of pick ones in zones I consider scenic and feel like being in.

      My brain has long been melted but I sure can remember the whistle since I’m constantly stumbling into bad situations and can’t find my way out. Odd that I have a good sense of direction in real life but in game not at all.

  4. My priest (alt.) is being stalked by Khadgar’s Upgraded Servant. That….thing….just will not go away. She’s in a quest limbo right now, where I have quests in her log, but I’m not really adventuring with her; so I think that’s why… But it’s nevertheless irritating to log her in to her garrison to check her tables and there IT is…and it follows her wherever she goes! Getting in the way constantly. She hearthed to Shrine (she does all her banking there) and thought she’d lost the thing, huzzah! Logs back in the next day, and there IT is! In the Shrine! 😛

    My husband joked around, suggesting that the servant is simply a tool that Khadgar is using to spy on my priest. Can he see through its eyes….?

  5. Why are you leaving your Mana all over? Is it like a breadcrumb thing? “Go off into the woods, but be sure to drop one of Ancient’s Mana every so often.”

    • That’s what Cat needs. A trail of mana and then maybe there would be hope she could find her way out of places! She’s also very bad at jumping down into places and then finding there’s no way out!

  6. My main issue is lag. I think I’m going to try getting a fire cable and running the game straight from my modem. Strangely the lags only in the new areas, the lower levels work fine.

    • Oh no, I hate that. I’ve had a little in certain areas and I was blaming it on Comcast. Not sure if it’s their fault or not. Once was in the middle of a world quest and died because I couldn’t get off a heal, dangerous lag!

  7. I LOVE the Flight Master’s Whistle, especially when going between dig sites.

  8. The Flightmaster’s Whistle makes me almost not miss flying. So incredibly useful for getting around to all the world quests without losing your entire day to running up and down mountain paths.

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