Take Me Down to Suramar City Where the Grass is Green …


and the girls are pretty. Not. They may be pretty but they’re all psychotic. All of them. Boys, girls, whatever. The most dangerous place EVER. I think it was this quest, Rumor Has It that cost me 233 gold in repairs to complete. I found that if I just took rez sickness, the location of the healer was a better location so I was running around with four levels of sickness. I’m pretty sure I was driven to this foolish behavior by Axl Rose … the old skinny one not the new chubby one constantly singing, Take Me Down to Suramar City in my ear as soon as I hit the city. It won’t stop.


So yeah, I don’t know how Cat gets into these messes. She had all the feathers so she wanted to find the Derelict Skyhorn Kite. I looked it up and passed on the information to Cat. Oh no, she had to jump down on a limb. Good luck with that Cat.

Hey! Hey! I made it first time!

That’s great Cat, now what? There’s supposed to be a Treasure Chest. I guess it has to respawn maybe?

I don’t know Cat, wait a bit and see.

Kind of entertaining … people are falling to their death all over the place …. WAIT! That person got it! What is going on! Wait! Another flew off with a kite! Dammit!

Cat was so frustrated she got me to ask on the forums. Nobody had any solutions but I think one person was right. It’s some kind of phasing thing. No kite for Cat.


Okay, I’ve come to terms with that little shit um, Pandaren giving me nothing but a bunch of burnt crap but this goes too far! First I checked and although I could click it wouldn’t give me anything. Nomi! Give me my burnt stuff and get it over with you sadistic little sadist. Nothing. A while later I got mail. Yep, it’s a recipe and he STILL won’t give it to me. Nomi! You big jerk!

All in all we’ve been having a great deal of fun. I would like to kind of apologize though to the people of heroics or LFR who have been forced to put up with me. THIS WAS NOT MY IDEA. Take it up with Blizzard. You put my professions stuff in those things I’m going in. Gear, not so much but skinning? Has to be done.

I can’t figure out what the deal is though. The queues are too long for regular dungeons so I have to do heroics. I did one and my dps was not sub-par so I didn’t feel bad. But LFR? Jeez, did we suck. I don’t know what the problem was. I think one of the tanks did more damage than Cat. I’m wondering if I should stop paying attention to Deadly Boss Mods. It’s always yelling at me to run away, go over there, hide in the back and so on. Maybe I should ignore it next time. And yes, be afraid. There will be a next time. They put Druid Campaign stuff to do in there. Those bastids!











15 Responses to “Take Me Down to Suramar City Where the Grass is Green …”

  1. I remember doing a beeline for the Emerald Winds toy and Kite that first day. Never knew the kite could have phasing issues though. Sounds like a quest around Skyhorn. I’ve noticed raid and heroic quests from the Order Hall missions so I hope to do those sometime and Nomi? How could we all be such bad teachers? I mean, seriously??

    • I know! to call Nomi a cook is just wrong! Where did we go wrong!

      I’ll keep checking back for the chest when I’m around there. At least I can see if the chest is there without having to go out on the limb.

  2. I have the Kite piece but not the feathers! How did you get all the feathers?

    And Nomi did that exact thing to me too!! I thought it was buggy, so I filed a report only to have the dude handling my ticket tell me one of my addons was responsible (no word on which) because Dude couldn’t duplicate my issue. Anyways, the next morning after logging back in, suddenly the recipe was actually there in my inventory instead of a “??” place holder so I declared the issue closed and thought no more about it.

    So it’s possible you might suddenly find your recipe in your bag after all.

    • I wish I could say I tried to get the feathers but I just ended up with them in my bags without knowing where I got them. Sometimes I’m just oblivious!

      It seems time cured the recipe, I checked again after about a half an hour and it was there! And it’s for bacon! Mmmmmm!

    • Yeah. I had the recipe bug last night. Kept clicking the table and nothing. Logged out, then back in and had mail. But the recipe kept saying retrieving information. Eventually after about an hour I saw it could be read. I’m starting to wonder if all the stuff they have tossed into the pot, with different quests occurring daily and trying to cross realm people to make zones feel populated might be causing some minor issues.

      • I agree, too much in that pot! I was doing withered training and had about 8 withered left and sent five off with a chest and all of a sudden I was pulled out like I had died or was out of withered. It was okay except I then found out Dro’s Key disappears if you leave. Kind sad about that.

        • I’ve tried the Withered training twice. Once with 10, once with 12. My DPS is not enough to kill things before I’m taken out. So I am passing on it until I eventually outgear the content. Or hopefully after patch 7.1

        • Oh, me too. I hated it at first. I then read somebody say it’s not worth doing unless you collect the 2000 shards for the most Withered. It made an incredible difference for me. I’m too greedy though. I keep sending withered back with the chests I can’t resist instead of trying to get a good score lol.

        • I’ve only managed to get through the first room into the second. They keep running away in the middle of a fight. I didn’t even know there were chests. I thought it was just a daily rep thing.

        • The chests seem to have things that make your withered better in a fight and I think I got a toy in one too.

        • Thanks for posting about the Withered Army, Marathal. I thought I was doing something wrong. My prot warrior’s damage is a what I like to call a “slow burn”. So I’ve been holding off as well. 😉

          Interestingly enough the Bubbles Of Mischief blog has a post on this this week, and outlines all the stuff you can get from the chests…such as pets, toys, and a something that starts a quest for a mount. I never realized there were so many cool things to work towards, mostly I was doing it for Suramar rep!


  3. Nomi had full max level crafted gear because he uses your food to make Obliterum.
    I avoid Suramar deaths by using the grappling hook on the vases and looting the treasure while I freerun across the city roofs.

    • That little shit! I knew he was up to something!

      I’m jealous, I can’t ever find the grapples. I think I found one once but for the life of me I can’t see those things. I do occasionally hide in a basket though 🙂

  4. The best way to deal with Surumar is using a water walking mount and running along the water. No sodding guards there! Hah! Luckily my main is a priest .. so a lot of my exploring has involved using levitate/slow fall (especially useful as I’m regularly getting lost at the wrong side of a mountain!)

    • You’re right! I’m embarrassed at how long it took me to figure that out. I think it was the party boat world quest when the light bulb went on. Stay on that Strider!

      Oh, lucky priest. Cat’s been going through her supply of goblin gliders.

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