No Fruit? No Fruit? No 7.1 Suramar Campaign for You!!!


UPDATE: Thanks Vanthir, tried again today and was able to complete the quest and move on in helping the Nightfallen.

Well, it had to happen. I am seriously going mental over this. I’m sure everyone was looking forward to different aspects of 7.1. For me it was to be the continuation of the Suramar Campaign. I was so excited.

I hurried to Shal’Aran to get started. Cat was exalted with The Nightfallen, check. She has Good Suramaritan, Loremaster of Legion and Broken Isles Pathfinder Part 1. According to what I’d read she should be good to go. Nope. Nothing.

Apparently First Arcanist Thalyssra has received NO dark tidings. Everything’s just peachy. AAARRRGGGGHHHH! This is worse than the damn moose.

So here’s a warning. I  don’t know if this is the cause but I’m guessing it might be. I’ll try to do this without spoiling anything.

If you haven’t finished the pre 7.1 campaign when you get to the quest, Arcan’dor, Gift of the Ancient Magi, do not do as I did. Do not run excitedly in to Shal’Aran and turn in the quest. Look for Vanthir who will give you Arluin’s Request. Take that first! I didn’t see him standing there, don’t make that mistake!

Yeah, I don’t know if that’s why there will be no continuation of the Suramar Campaign for me but I feel like it’s a big possibility so don’t ignore Vanthir.

Cat changed her title to Salty in protest. After that she saw people in chat complaining about the “crappy” Legendary they’d just received in an emissary crate. Cat didn’t feel much like saving the day for anyone after that, neither did I.

She headed for the tavern. Sounds like a plan Cat.






9 Responses to “No Fruit? No Fruit? No 7.1 Suramar Campaign for You!!!”

  1. I’m faced with the problem of having a growing list of Mythic dungeons I have to possibly complete. I learned early that doing one right away usually found me with another from a different set of quests having me go right back in to the one just finished. I know I will have to eventually do them. I’m not looking forward to it. I am not even sure if I will want to. As it is I am struggling to just keep from falling further behind. Seeing 3 sets of Emissary quests on Tuesday after so much time keeping ahead to where I only had 1 a day was disheartening. Adding to it, the Order Hall to gather 80 things from dungeons, seeing people say they got 1 or 2 off the final boss in heroic and Mythic. I am ready to give up. I cannot play 6+ hours a day. I find myself exhausted after a bit more than 2. Always having to be aware, don’t tab out to look something up, you could be dead. I do hope I don’t get the same issue you are having by not doing something in the right order. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was when I realized the guy that has our 2nd artifact weapon quest, one day had another for the class hall champaign. I never thought to check, because all he ever had was the weapon.

    There is lots they did right. But also a lot of things slipping through the cracks. And I will smack anyone that says, WoWhead has a great guide.

    • I’ve come to terms that Mythic dungeons will not be for me no matter how much they try to force them but I really was looking forward to continuing in Suramar as I really like the Nightfallen even though that city has cost me thousands in repair lol.

      Yup, I missed that quest from the artifact guy too for the longest time. Now I periodically run over and check to see if he’s holding out.

      Yes, they did a lot right, I’ve enjoyed Legion so far. I think my frustration is feeling that nobody knows this is happening so who knows when they’ll fix it. I wrote it up on the bug forum and saw that people were complaining about Arluin’s Request since early Oct.

      • All we can do is point out the issues when we find them and hope for the best. My hope is they lower the dungeon level in 7.2. If not? I doubt I will see Kara, or the rest of Suramar.

  2. Well, I’d definitely be up in some GM’s grill at that point. What a bummer!

    • I tweeted @warcraftdevs but doubt anyone paid attention and put in up on the Bug Forum.

      If I sit here and stew a little longer I might have another go at it!

      I wouldn’t be as upset if there were confirmation that they knew there was a problem. I can’t be the only one, I’m not that special, lol.

  3. I am a bit worried that I’ve busted up my completion of “Good Suramaritan” with Kamalia by doing some of the side-quest areas before I completed “Nightfallen but Not Forgotten”. I did a couple of side-quest areas and turned in the final quests of those areas to Thalyssra and got an AP doohickey, but I didn’t get any new items in “Good Suramaritan” to light up as completed from doing those things.

    • I bounced around the Suramar quests in no real order until towards the end when I looked them up because I was fearful I might have to do the two Mythic quests I have but don’t plan on doing and whew, didn’t have to.

      Hopefully as long as you don’t ignore Vanthir before you turn in the final quest you should be okay!

  4. If there’s a dependency like you suspect there was, then they should have mentioned that during the turn-in in BIG RED LETTERS. (LOTRO does this, I’ve discovered, for the Moria questlines, and I think even SWTOR does this if you start up Knights of the Fallen Empire before you finish any of the companion quests.)

    Failing that, Blizz should have you not able to turn in that quest before picking up the new one. Basic common sense.

    • I know and it’s not the first time. It happened in the Dreamgrove. You had a quest to kill off all these bad guys. After it was done and the bad guys cleared out I then saw a quest to plant seeds in the corpses but of course there weren’t any.

      Took a while but at one point they added in some poor deer so you could complete it.

      It’s frustrating enough that I was even giving thought to what world I’d flee to because if this interferes with completing the second half of whatever we have to do to fly I sure might consider it.

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