Time to Move On


Cat! I’m not kidding, it’s time to let someone else see Legion. I can SEE YOU! Hiding in the Beer Garden WILL NOT WORK! You’re being ridiculous and very selfish. Cim the Warlock is getting VERY impatient and you know that’s not good.

Welp … my theory was wrong. I though Cat would move over and let the others have a go once she got a Legendary. Nope. After the restart on Tuesday she had a miraculous day. Flotsam gave her gloves! Unbelievable! Bosses never give her anything! Yay! Yay! Then she received Luffa Wrappings from an emissary crate. She loves them, finally some AOE!

The alts were thrilled for her because they thought, here we go!

Yeah … no.

Cat, what do you have to do? You won’t do dungeons or LFR unless you have a quest to complete. What is so important that you can’t give someone else a look at Broken Isles?


Sigh …I should have seen that one coming.

Oh! Grats, Cat! You got a hatchling!

Well, yes. That’s the fourth one and they all have quests for me to do. I just can’t pack up and leave them with their little exclamation points unfulfilled can I? That would be so sad and mean, right? That would put me square in the eyes of D.E.H.T.A. don’t you think? I might lose my Druid Card. So really, what choice do I have?

Oh, Cat says don’t forget to buy food for the hatchling so they’ll talk to you before you head out to get yours, she learned that the hard way.

Bloodgazer Hatchling – Azsuna – Azsunian Grapes
Direbeak Hatchling – Stormheim – Pungent Vrykul Gamalost
Sharptalon Hatchling – Val’sharah – Dried Bilberries
Snowfeather Hatchling – Highmountain – Smoked Elderhorn

I think I’ll be losing my Altoholic Card. In the past there was a pretty strict order. Cat, then the two Warlocks. Hunter next if she wanted to because she is semi-retired and was the first ever so she gets to choose, or that’s how it has been up until now.

I am feeling an overwhelming desire to see the Hunter’s Lodge. Cat’s been prowling around up there in Highmountain trying to get a peek but no luck. It seems my new priority for alts is how badly do I want to see their Class Hall. We’ll see how that goes … if Cat gives ’em a chance.


















4 Responses to “Time to Move On”

  1. The great thing about those hatchlings is they’re account-wide (for 110s) so maybe Cat will feel generous enough to let your alt have some playtime.

  2. I guess I ought to say congrats! (?)

    Is this necessarily a good thing? For a guy a couple of expacs away from WoW now, I’m not sure about where these hatchlings fit in.

    • Lol, yup congrats is fine. The little hatchling pets are from a world quest. Every day they give you a new quest to take them somewhere or kill ‘x” number of somebody.

      Gives me something to do to take my mind off the real world!

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