When Death is the Only Option


Just so you know. I did the Druid’s form of hearthing back to Cat’s class hall. I noticed the The Greenway seemed pretty quiet. Whoa … really, really quiet. No one’s here. Cat had no luck trying to enter her class hall. Huh, I’ll go back to Dalaran maybe. See what’s up there.

I’m ALONE in the world! I should have checked, I’ll bet that Nomi was there burning food.

So I did the turning off addons thing. The repair thing the WTF thing. All the things. Nope. I’m still  alone.

Finally I started googling things like “phased out of the world” and found a solution. You have to die.

I thought maybe I was being trolled but what the hell, I’ll try anything at this point. Pets to catch, AP to accumulate. Chop, chop, let’s get this done.

I wasn’t being trolled and it worked as advertised, I came back to a world filled with NPCs and people!

So if you find yourself alone in the world save yourself some time and just buy the farm, bite the dust … you know … take a dirt nap.





10 Responses to “When Death is the Only Option”

  1. Jump off a building!

  2. Wow, haven’t had that one yet.

  3. I hate it when that happens, however, I’m frequently dying enough to where it’s hardly noticeable anymore – I fall off mountains on my hunter, forget that I have the ability to glide on my DH and plummet to my death as well. 😀

  4. You were caught in an Alternative Azeroth, where you were the only living being. You didn’t really die. It was more like dying in a dream, shocking you back into reality. Being it was a Dream within a Dream. Or Nightmare. Oh! It was really the corruption invading your dreams!

  5. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I tried to do my Wirhered Army Scenario but the instance bugged out so I did the Barrel quest upstairs and logged out for a couple of hours. When I logged back in, I noticed no other people or NPCs were around (except the ones inside the Meredil cave) Tried lots of things but nothing worked until I found out you need to kill yourself like you did. Just wish I worked that out earlier.

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