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2017: Looking Good So Far

Posted in Battle Pets with tags , , on January 1, 2017 by tomeoftheancient


So I got up and and walked Mikey the dog, I had coffee. So far so good. I went upstairs to login and check missions. You’ve got mail Cat! Weird, I don’t remember sending me anything.

Oh, Cat! It’s from your friend Cymre Brightblade. It’s a battle pet! The best battle pet, Creeping Tentacle! You realize what this means Cat? We will never, ever have to be dangled aloft while we try to figure out how to melee our way out of the tentacles.

Hear that Yogg-Saron? I am NEVER  coming back in that prison.

Best feeling ever.

I don’t think a thank you note is enough, I think we need to pay a visit to Gorgrond and thank her in person … just … um … don’t battle her. She generally kicked our butts, let’s keep it a social visit, okay?

Thank you Cym. Best Christmas, New Year’s present ever!