When you come home but don’t recognize the neighborhood …

Welp, I’m kinda back but I have no idea what’s going on. I’m as clueless as when I started WoW eleven years ago. That’s when I thought you could hide behind a tree from a Nightsaber in Shadowglen and learned … no you can’t.

I had no idea that all this time I must have been studying. I used to know what was going on so that’s the only explanation I can think of, I studied WoW. Although I seem to be stuck where I left off. All I want is a fox to ride and NO, no invitation for me … STILL.

For example, artifact ranks. How far are they going? I thought I was done. I thought it stopped at 54, but nope it just keeps going. Twenty-two bazillion for the next whatzits. What fresh hell is this? Anyway, I’ve titled the whine if you want to skip over it.


The Whine

Some advice, although I might just be prone to depression. If there comes a time that you must choose between tough love and forcing the issue with a parent with Alzeimer’s for their best interests or giving in, be tough.  I wasn’t.

My mother did not want to go into assisted living so we moved her into our home to take care of her. By November last year we were coming up on two years of this I was losing MY grasp on reality.

Then we slipped into an alternate timeline. I’ve always loved science fiction but I freaking didn’t want to live it. Then we lost our Izzy to cancer. Then a week before Mikey’s fourteeth birthday we found he had cancer too.

I’ve loved all our dogs but Mike was special. I got our vet to refer me to a specialist who was very nice but seemed to recognize I had a screw loose and was pretty heavily in denial about my fourteen year old boy. Apparently 90lb. Labradors don’t generally live to fourteen and he told me to enjoy his last months as he couldn’t survive the surgery.

We had some adventures. A late, freak snow happened. What I didn’t know was after I went to bed there was freezing rain. The next morning on our walk we stepped off the road to give room to a car. It wasn’t snow, it was all ice.

Down we went to the bottom of the neighborhood sledding hill. I couldn’t get Mike back up the hill. I called 911 finally. They asked if a “human” was hurt or in danger of being hurt. Pffffftttt. So I told them, yes, a human is in imminent danger. Which was true, cause I wasn’t leaving him there.

Thankfully, THANKFULLY, two police showed up. One was lovely, one, not so much. Bad cop’s first idea was to tie a rope around an elderly, heavy dog and pull him up by his neck. Then he (bad cop) fell down the hill. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So while bad cop was criticizing every thing good cop and I did, we managed to get Mike in the house by lifting him through the basement window.

At this point, mother is still here and pretty loopy, Mikey does not have very long and at 5 foot 8 inches I’m now dropping close to 115lbs. Depression is the greatest diet ever. I am now pretty much loopier than my mother.

I finally womaned up and got her into nice assisted living within a few miles of our house. The big sell was, THEY HAVE BINGO MOTHER!!!!!! Remember bingo! You LOVE bingo! She remembered!

Mikey tried very hard for fourteen and a half but we lost him the end of May. I don’t know when we’ll get over it.

Apparently I’m still pretty loopy because I’m considering having the horrible haiku I wrote for him a few years ago tattooed on my arm in memory. I miss you sweety. In a perfect universe Izzy has found you and you guys are together again.

It’s safe to read again!

Soooo. Considering most of the whine spanned the whole of Legion I’m not sure my opinion of Legion means much. I did unsub at one point but that made me sad too.

I’ve been lurking everywhere on the iPad so rarely talk. I seem to be combating depression by adding a whole bunch of accounts like this to my feed:

So I consulted my screenshot folder to see what I had been doing in Legion, thought it might jog my memory. I found this. I have NO IDEA. Anybody? If I knew what it was I’d go back.

I have not played alts at all. A few are slowly leveling up by pet battling. Apparently I enjoyed professions with them and no longer do. I did them for Cat as although she’s not a great asset to a group, she’s not a liability.

I went into a dungeon once with an alt (against my better judgement) and was humanely kicked out on the second boss. Okay, that’s a sign dumbass. Stop doing that. So I don’t seem to want to play them if I can’t level their professions.

I keep ending up in places that have changed the least in Azeroth. I’m usually fine with change because change is one of the few constants. I’m not sure if I’m longing for old Azeroth or they are reminders of happier times in general.

So I’m kinda back. Doing important stuff.

Still clearing out the tunnels in Suramar in the hope of a fox to ride. WHAT? Yes, so I took a short break to go to a Dance Party. Jeez, Cat needed a break from the Withered.

Thank you so much Redbeard for never giving up on me. Thanks for those /waves Navi. And thank you kind readers who commented on a neglected blog, I appreciate it.

Oh wait, wait, one more thing! You can kiss my scrawny butt Photobucket! If it takes me ten years to tract down all my pictures I will before I pay your ransom demands.

I’ve started:

1 – replaced


































20 Responses to “When you come home but don’t recognize the neighborhood …”

  1. Oh Tome!
    Here are some big hugs for your Izzy and your Mike.
    Here are some big hugs for the stresses of dealing with your ailing mother.
    Here are some hugs for Photobucket being stupid (oh, I feel your pain!)
    Here are some hugs because I’ve missed you and I’m glad to see you around again. 🙂

    • Thank you Kam and a big hug back! I know, things have gone truly off the tracks when screenshots and mogs are held for ransom. Another sign we branched off into a parallel universe, lol.

  2. Alunaria Says:

    Welcome back, so so glad to see you return 🙂 I have been lurking on your site, hoping for that to happen; it looks so great here.

    I’m so very sorry you have had so much hardship though. I admire how you managed to take your mother in with you for so long. But I am glad for all your sakes, that she now is living in assisted living instead.

    Cancer sure has been cruel to your pets; the loss is still very fresh; I imagine – it took long for me to really stop being sad over losing my dog years ago. Time heals, as cliché as it may sound.

    When I read about that bad cop falling down the hill, I smiled mischievously. That serves him well!

    Oh, which haiku is that?

    Hmm, that picture, where you have no idea what you had been doing…I spot you in Suramar using your disguise, I’d say – doing some kind of attack on the city…Maybe. Perhaps. Not sure! Tough call.

    Aw, I do that too; ending up in places that look the same as a decade ago. I think its combination, both longing for simpler times, as well as when things were “good old Azeroth”.

    I understand your need for a break from the Withered. I took several, in fact, I only just finished Suramar.

    Happy working on the Photobucket exit!

    And good luck on the fox invitation, I still have not gotten mine either!

    As for Artifact ranks, pfff, best to just “let it happen” and not pursue it, I find.

    I wish you luck ahead, on the depression and diet – be sure to eat though, your body must need a lot of fuel to pull through this. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, I really had no idea how hard it would be, maybe I would have had more sense had I known but at least she seems happy and has activities and medical staff on site.

      I loved all our dogs but I think me working from home the whole time we had Mike and Izzy made the bond stronger which was a great thing while they were here.

      I tried my hand at haiku once and it was enough to convince me a poet I would never be.

      He was about twelve at the time and his legs would go running any time he slept.

      In his sleep he runs
      through fields redolent of youth.
      Here … I keep his watch.

      Dogs are very forgiving so he didn’t give me grief about my bad poetry, lol.

      Here’s to a fox for both of us! Oddly but apparently because I didn’t care about them Cat has received four legendary pieces, I would gladly trade for a fox!

      • Alunaria Says:

        I imagine that very much. This too, shall pass.

        Oh, I am no expert in haiku, I can recall my teacher in school, on the very first day, handing out a haiku poem, and all he said was “See you next time, we’ll analyze it for 2 hours”. And we all just looked down at the 3 lines and went “What……!” hah. 🙂

        Aw, I like yours 🙂

        I know, those legendaries just complicate things anyway, Want to trade!

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve never “gotten over it” just learned how to live with it when I lose a beloved pet. I lost a dog to cancer too – vet said she was too old for surgery and all I could do was make her comfortable. That was 2009 and I miss her every single day.

    I name just about all my characters after my pets – no particular reason except it brings back good memories of them.

    Best wishes and prayers that things are looking up for you!

    Yeah, no stupid fox invitation for me either – sometimes it helps a lot to misdirect all my anger at Blizzard’s RNG 😀

    • I know, they are all still with us. It’s funny though how different people cope. I have to have their pictures around me while my husband needs some time. Personally I think he’s afraid he’ll do what I do and start crying.

      That is the best idea ever! I’m going to get a colossal mad on Blizzard over my lack of a fox.

      • wolfgangcat Says:

        After an hour or so raging at Blizzard for every little flipping game problem I actually start feeling good again – go figure! And in this expansion I never run out of stuff to rage at – LOL

  4. Ancient, you know where I stand with you.


    I’m glad you’re back and am taking a step into the MMO-verse again.

    It has been a shitty summer, if you ask me, but I’m glad you’re back.

    • Thanks Red! I know, I learned that I wouldn’t be interested in TERA from you, lol!

      Looking forward to reviews to see if there’s something I might like. Have been playing a mobile game on the iPad which had made me realize what a “real” grind is like although I do like it.

  5. So sorry to hear about Mikey. I lost my Sherpa dog around the end of May, too. He was 13. So I understand, totally. ((hugs)) Super glad to see you back though, I’ve missed you.

    • Thanks Rep and hugs back to you. You and Big Bear helped with your Summoners War posts. During his last few months I didn’t want to leave him alone to go up to the computer as he could no longer do stairs. So I played Summoners War while he slept. Occasionally I accidentally woke him up yelling, heal now Chasun! Now!

  6. How nice to see you back! Anyone would bow under the strain of so many hard things. Heartbreaker on those pups. I may be finding out about living with my mother in law this fall as Alzheimer’s begins to take it’s toll on her. I don’t think I’ll have much say since she’s not my own mom, but have to try.
    I find stepping out of this world into books, movies and games helps most days.

    • Thank you! I often wondered if it would have been easier if she hadn’t been my mom and I wasn’t emotionally invested. I hope you don’t have to find out. The worst and scariest episode wasn’t even caused by Alzheimer’s but by a change in her medication. She became delusional all of a sudden.

      Yes! I have long been one to leave RL behind for a while with a book or a game.

  7. I love you, Tome. I will be in touch soon.

  8. My deepest sympathies on the losses of your fur-babies. And I’m sorry about your mother as well. Prayers for strength and healing.

  9. I am somewhat behind in my blog reading, so glad to see a post from you but saddened by the subject matter. Good Cop sounds lovely and yay for whatever passing Frost Mage made Bad Cop slip. It’s devastating to lose a family pet (because they are family more so often than the actual people especially in my family). I think knowing it’s coming makes it worse. That’s partly why I don’t play a Hunter much, I’m too invested in my pet’s well being. Hugs from this nest of Harpies.

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