I Get Knocked Down …

and at some point, hopefully I’ll get back up again. I was so happy about two weeks ago when I felt like blogging again. YAY! Things are looking up! I can … OOPS! WOW! SHIT! Trip ##@!!!! BANG! &&**### CRASH!

I used to sleepwalk years ago and got pretty beat up but that cleared up when I stopped wearing ear plugs to sleep because of … well … snoring in the vicinity.

I apparently got up to use the bathroom at about 4:00am, my husband heard loud crashing and banging and ran in to find me laying on the floor unconscious. I had managed to ricochet around the room and beat the crap out of myself. Ended up with a broken collar bone and various … owies. WTF!

According to the doctor I am at an “age” where I mustn’t leap up from bed lest I lose consciousness because of the rapid change in blood pressure. WTF! I’m not sure I’m on board with that.

This kind of crap didn’t happen when the dogs were around. I’m firmly convinced this happened because my wingmen are not here. WOULD NOT have happened if my babies had been here … okay, maybe he might be right but still. I’m here, minding my business and what? I got old?

This will NOT stand. I’ll do more yoga or something but I’m not having this. Anyway, the very worst part is IT WAS MY  LEFT SHOULDER! I am left-handed. I’m supposed to wear this stupid sling. I can’t type, I can’t visit Catwynn. Well, I can but I don’t have that kind of patience.

Today I decided I will wear the sling if I’m moving but sitting I don’t have to, enough. I have found that my right hand is a sniveling little freeloader who can’t do anything.

I had, HAD to see this when I read about it on Twitter. I’ve done nothing much but lurk on Twitter. It’s kind of dangerous because my stupid right hand is not reliable and I’m always fearful I’ve just liked something heinous.

Now Charlottesville happens. There is no place for “Neo” Nazis, KKK or “old” Nazis here. I don’t know what happened to you. You weren’t born that way. None of us are, we’re made that way. There are no race traitors. We are all the same, some good, some bad. The human race.

Me? I’m angry at this. I think the 99.999% are just fine with us fighting among ourselves. We should stop.
























12 Responses to “I Get Knocked Down …”

  1. My sleep walking self somehow found the only tac in the house, and one tetanus shot and rude awakening later, I’m thinking of filling the bed with dogs or babies lol

    • Ow! Dogs worked good for me. The worst episode of sleep walking gave me two black eyes. My poor husband had to endure looks of utter hatred from grocery store, restaurant staff. Poor guy, I would have refused to accompany me!

      • Haha! Oh no!! Yea, I’ve had the black eyes, and the looks you get when you say “I slept walk into a corner” and they go “sh shhh shh, of course you did” while they slip you a card for the womens shelter lol

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I’m angry about all that too, Ancient.

    Oh, and like birds of a feather, I’m a lefty as well, and as a kid I broke my collarbone two separate times. (The second time was in 8th grade when I bent over to catch a pass in a touch football game during recess and an opposing player accidentally kneed me in the shoulder. I clearly heard the *crack* and the stab of pain and I thought “Ohgodohgodohgod….”

    • Thanks Red, sometimes I just feel like giving up on us humans.

      Oh no! Considering how hard it is to keep me from doing things I’m not supposed to do how did an 8th grader manage? Ha! Maybe that means I don’t have to actually do everything I’m supposed to, lol!

      My wonderful husband gave me left-handed scissors and I’m embarrassed to say that I ALWAYS give them to visiting right-handers who need to cut something. See! Rightee! This is my life!

      • Ha! I should have thought of doing that to right handers, who simply can’t comprehend that even nail clipper sized scissors don’t work for me.

        “But it’s so small!”

        “Nope. When I hold them, the blades open rather than push against each other.”



        As for what happened in 8th grade, it was kind of a freak thing. But naturally it happened the year when it looked like I might actually get some playing time on the basketball team rather than ride the bench as usual. “Well, there’s goes basketball season,” I muttered as I held up my shoulder as I went to the nurse’s office.

  3. Aw, gosh, I’m sorry to hear that. Things will be okay. I understand why it’s not easy to cope with hardship over and over again!

    Press on, hero. This too, shall pass 🙂

    I hope you will feel better as soon as possible, and find time to relax one way or another, despite the restrains right now.

    Gorgeous screenshot 🙂

    • It’s odd that when I could play I’d moan about having nothing to do with Catwynn. Now that I can’t really do much there seems to be so much she could be doing. Can not wait!

      I will revisit Brawlers too, maybe she could get halfway through at least.

      • Hah, awww I imagine that. Do not worry. I am able to play. And I STILL think that there is far too much to do in game. It has gotten so big, heh. Luxury problem though.

        Yeah? I hope you’ll have lots of fun with it 🙂 Druids rock!

        The game keeps you young too, so I see only good things to come from it, once you are able to return, and feel better. I hope it will be soon.

  4. My puppy is over 14 years old now and doesn’t leap out of bed and prevents my left-handed self from doing the same.

    I can’t use her as my excuse for not visiting Kallixta and friends. I haven’t given up on returning, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  5. Owww! Hope you heal up quickly!

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