Patch 7.3? I Went Rouge …

AHAHAHAHA! I know, I know, but I couldn’t help it. Okay, alright. I went Rogue. You know more like this:

Meaning I decided I had too much to do to run off to Argus just yet. I had to acquire Broot!

Yay! Thank you wolfgangcat, I couldn’t have done it without you. I then went back into the sewers with my withered trying once again to obtain a Fox mount. Nope.

I was really bummed that Cat dilly-dallied so long that she missed the Trial of Style. Not to be deterred she decided to get in on the mog action and do a Cat Mog.

Very nice Cat! We set off to Argus. I … er … had a little trouble telling who was me. I didn’t recognize us in the crowd, I kept forgetting she was no longer white and feathered. Maybe that’s how I managed to fall off the side of the mountain and become trapped way down there.

It’s all good though, while Cat was fumbling around down there, look! Pets to battle! Cat got her very own Bilescourge, so all in all, time well spent. She can save everyone next visit.

Over here in real life I have managed to get to the point that I think, think, it might be safe to find a new family member. I didn’t want to subject a dog to a crazy human breaking out in sobs every so often but I think I’m ready. What little did I know.

Fourteen years ago, although Mikey came from a breeder, Isabel was from a rescue group. Apparently things have changed in those fourteen years. At first I thought maybe this is something local. Maybe Northern Virginia rescues are different from other areas of the country. So of course I googled.

Welp, looks like it’s not just NOVA. This is one of many articles I found. Yep, we are too old. We don’t have a fenced yard. Our driveway shows evidence of having had an invisible fence at one time. UNFIT! UNFIT!

I want animals to be protected and I appreciate people caring this much but they have our vet’s contact info and if ANYONE could give you the dirt on us it would be our vet of over 25 years. Why  don’t they start there.

It seems to defeat the purpose of rescues if you force people to go to breeders to acquire a dog. I had wanted to “rescue” an existing dog but it’s not looking good. I know our dog is out there, just got to find them. I keep checking the back yard to see if someone may have wandered in looking for us.

Oh yeah, I”m pretty sure I’ll get back to Argus to help out soon. Really. Well, depending on which Grand Master Pet Tamers are up. After that I’m REALLY going to help out. Honest.






















15 Responses to “Patch 7.3? I Went Rouge …”

  1. Wow, that article was crazy. I wasn’t aware some rescues are so strict and, let’s face it, unreasonable. I didn’t have to answer a huge questionnaire to adopt my dog, just a few basic things. Then again, I’m also well under 60, have a fenced yard, and already had a dog and a vet and a groomer, so I fit all of those sticking points that were mentioned.

    I don’t know how tough the requirements are or even if they’d have a dog you’d be interested in, but I read the blog of a lady that fosters for OPH rescue which is in your state.

    • Some of them sounded kind of like the job thing, you can’t get a job if you don’t have experience but you don’t get experience if you can’t get a job. Same with denying first time pet owners.

      Our big thing seems to be no fence, oddly the only time our dogs went on a walkabout was at our last home that was fenced. That Husky was an escape artist extraordinaire and our golden was such a follower, lol. We were never able to figure out how they did it.

      According to a neighbor the county shelter is not as stringent so I think that’ll be our next move. The only thing a dog of ours has to NOT mind is going on lots of walks.

  2. A friend just adopted a cat. I was amazed that she had more home visits before and afterwards than I did pre and post birth from the midwife/health visitor and even more than her sister in law had whilst adopting a small human (I assume the human agencies check up in other ways but it’s a bit worrying). Apparently it’s harder to prove you’re a suitable pet owner than it to prove you are a suitable child owner.

    Argus so far for me has been killing stuff whilst whining about the new spell effects and planning dubious fan fiction about Turalyon and his very shiny armour (I think I need to get out more).

    • I know, it’s crazy. The adoption forms at one place required the kind of financial info you’d have to give to take out a loan and having the money doesn’t insure someone would actually spend it on their animals.

      Poor Cat has no new spell effects cause if we came out of Cat form we’d be dead posthaste. Probably why she wanted a new Cat mog.

      Looking forward to the Turalyon fiction!

  3. …and for a moment, I thought you’d rolled up a Rogue and joined the dark side with me.

    • Oh, and for the record, those restrictions on adopting rescue dogs/cats is more than a little messed up. If you make the effort to go to a rescue organization, odds are great that you will provide a loving home to a pet. But this…

    • I do have in fact two Rogues! One for each faction although I like my Goblin best as she has a sense of humor. This is something i think a Rogue needs, the Gnome is pretty dour and serious. No fun at all.

  4. I’ve never understood the Rouge thing. What the ?
    Good luck finding a dog. Surely there’s one out there for you.
    We fell in love with my sister’s Golden and thought to get one from a rescue, because all of our pets have been rescues. We’ve had a fenced yard for a long time so all good there. We were told that we could never have a rescue Golden, because they “couldn’t learn to be a dog from our Beagle”. Hey, now, beagles know all about being a dog.

    • Okay, we have a winner! I thought the thing in the article about not letting a family have a Guinea Pig because they don’t adopt to children was the stupidest. Nope. This wins, hands down.

      I think humans are the only ones who have trouble recognizing other humans because of race or color, dogs do just fine. I KNOW that Beagle has the dog thing down just perfect!

  5. I see a new woof woof on twitter! I hope your new addition brings you much happiness and love.

  6. ANCIENT!!! Im back on blogging again hehe! I miss you.. i see you log at times in game. I came back playing WoW 3 weeks ago. and started blogging like just days ago again. Please visit me sometimes… Take care i miss the old bloggers! We gonna bring back the community again! you ready?!!

    • I know, I really miss those days! Miss the stories and poetry from some of those talented bloggers.

      I’m pretty much lurking on Twitter now but I will be sure to check out your blog.

  7. Best of luck in your search for that perfect dog! Just got a new little girl into my life recently and they really do make everything in life so much better!

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