The waning moments of Legion …


I find myself coming here and reading old posts. Back when stories were told and poems were frequent. Yeah, not by me, those other guys. I don’t like my last post’s pictures, so at least one more post is in order.

That fox was at the top of my Legion list. Never happened. It’s funny considering how hard those sewers were at first that at the end I couldn’t even die in there. I would aggro the entire place in the hope of dying and … nope.

I finally gave up. This is ridiculous. I hate you Legion, I hate you Blizzard. I want one, just one crappy little thing and noooooooo. Recently I had a little time and checked and I had just enough to hire a crew to go once again into the sewers and YAY!


Gratuitous dog picture. Have to have at least one of those. And jeeeez, I’ve been gone from this blog so long the whole set-up has changed and I’m having a hell of a time figuring it out.


So my priorities here at the end of the expansion have been, aside from getting a fox mount, all about pets. There’s Cat thanking Algalon for her bunny.


Here’s Cat with Uuna who just dropped yesterday. Finally! Yes!


Tomorrow is the patch. This is the last day to defeat the Mage Tower, in Cat’s case Agatha. When did we try? Today, we left it until today. Yeah, not smart. We gave up after, I don’t know, between five and ten tries.

Everything went great until the big freaking boulders. Cat died pretty much every time from being knocked off into the toxic goop and not being able to find a way out before she was dead.

Welp. No blue sparkly kitty for her. Perhaps this will teach her better time management in the future, poor Cat.


Yup. That’s what’s on the agenda for the rest of today. We’ll be hanging out in our beloved Teldrassil. Cat’s always been a Cenarion Circle, lets all live together in peace and harmony kind of Druid but harm her home? Not sure how that’s going to go over with her.

We will see.



13 Responses to “The waning moments of Legion …”

  1. Yay Tome! ((hugs))

    I started trying the Frost Mage challenge last night and boy is it ever frustrating because it is a kiting fight and I never learned how to kite properly. I am hoping I can push through the frustration and the learning curve and get it done tonight…

    • Hi Kam!

      I will be sending you positive energy, hope it helps! If it had been anything other than the bowling ball mechanism I think I would have kept trying but I have a long history of always getting smacked by them lol.

  2. Yep, my priest is going to camp in Teldrassil for the night after saying goodbye.

    It was a good tree.

    • I’ll bet there will be a lot of us camped out there tonight. I have so many great memories of Teldrassil. Some silly, some happy some bad, like my inability to ever find my way out of a barrow.

      It was that!

  3. Grats on the new pets! Can’t blame you for spending time in that tree right now. I haven’t read the specifics of how it happens yet. Some things I just want to wait until live.

  4. Good to hear from you again. I miss your posts. It’s always fun to read and make my day. I hope to start playing again if I can get my new computer set up.

  5. How in hell did I miss your post, Ancient?

    Oh, I was out visiting universities in mid-July, that’s why. (And now I’m kicking myself that we were relatively close to your residence and I never thought about saying hello! Arrgh!)

    Anyway, welcome back!!! (Sort of, since this is a bit old now.)

    • Thank you! I am still here, totally uninformed about BfA and going really slow. The scenery and the music are lovely so that’s enough to keep me happy for a while.

      • Amelia Sides Says:

        I just started playing BFA and I love the story line so far. Witches and face hugging octopi, hilarious.

        • I know! I’m really loving Drustvar. I find myself just wandering around killing rares in the spooky woods. Occasionally being helpful to some random villager. Oh, and fishing. The important stuff, that’s me!

        • I’m just questing and exploring. I need to figure out how to get my cooking upgraded. I have all these awesome ingredients and no idea how to cook or make leather yet. I’m enjoying the game too much to want to research things.

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