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BfA Archeological Dig and It Cannot be Unseen

Posted in General WoW on April 25, 2019 by tomeoftheancient

I put that screen shot up as BfA cred. I really am playing although only Cat so far. I seem to have lost interest in alts. Hope that doesn’t last. I am so clueless this expansion I just now found this underwater establishment off the Jeweled Coast just before Slickspill. I am so behind.

I really miss writing about the game. I was going to clean up my links but got so depressed seeing how many were no longer active I just quit. Blah, some other time. So yeah I figured there is nothing stopping me writing about absolutely nothing to entertain myself.

So I’m digging around and here and I find that I did start a post a while back. I thought I had started one and here it is. Haven’t lost my mind. Yet.

Sam the dog and Cat the Druid seem to be best buddies. He agreed to recreate her first month of BfA through … ah … interpretive dance. Yeah, we’ll call it that. Cat was thrilled with all the Kul Tiras zones, kept bouncing back and forth excepting quests until forced to do a few to be able to except more.

Just a paragraph but I was sure I had started a post long ago.

So anyway I feel ambivalent about Blizzard lately. I used to spend mumble, mumble, mumble money on this game. I would pay to change guild name, pay for mounts, pay for pets, pay for second account so I could invite my characters to my two introvert guilds. I used to be a whale.

They came out with the flying pig mount which is something I would definitely have bought once upon a time. After the announcement by Bobby Kotick that they’d had a banner year and oh yeah, lets let go four hundred people I started to feel different. I don’t know if it’s true but I recently read they are starting to hire back those positions as contractors. No benefits.

I felt even MORE differently about Activision Blizzard.

Yeah. That’s all I can see now. I mean what was his salary? 37 bazillion? So I can’t buy your flying pig Sir as, um, it looks different to me now. And not in a good way.

So anyway, I decided to have some fun again talking to myself. If I run out of WoW stuff I can always complain about my hearing or the LOUD shrieking in my ears. Luckily the name of the blog works for that stuff too!