BfA Archeological Dig and It Cannot be Unseen

I put that screen shot up as BfA cred. I really am playing although only Cat so far. I seem to have lost interest in alts. Hope that doesn’t last. I am so clueless this expansion I just now found this underwater establishment off the Jeweled Coast just before Slickspill. I am so behind.

I really miss writing about the game. I was going to clean up my links but got so depressed seeing how many were no longer active I just quit. Blah, some other time. So yeah I figured there is nothing stopping me writing about absolutely nothing to entertain myself.

So I’m digging around and here and I find that I did start a post a while back. I thought I had started one and here it is. Haven’t lost my mind. Yet.

Sam the dog and Cat the Druid seem to be best buddies. He agreed to recreate her first month of BfA through … ah … interpretive dance. Yeah, we’ll call it that. Cat was thrilled with all the Kul Tiras zones, kept bouncing back and forth excepting quests until forced to do a few to be able to except more.

Just a paragraph but I was sure I had started a post long ago.

So anyway I feel ambivalent about Blizzard lately. I used to spend mumble, mumble, mumble money on this game. I would pay to change guild name, pay for mounts, pay for pets, pay for second account so I could invite my characters to my two introvert guilds. I used to be a whale.

They came out with the flying pig mount which is something I would definitely have bought once upon a time. After the announcement by Bobby Kotick that they’d had a banner year and oh yeah, lets let go four hundred people I started to feel different. I don’t know if it’s true but I recently read they are starting to hire back those positions as contractors. No benefits.

I felt even MORE differently about Activision Blizzard.

Yeah. That’s all I can see now. I mean what was his salary? 37 bazillion? So I can’t buy your flying pig Sir as, um, it looks different to me now. And not in a good way.

So anyway, I decided to have some fun again talking to myself. If I run out of WoW stuff I can always complain about my hearing or the LOUD shrieking in my ears. Luckily the name of the blog works for that stuff too!



19 Responses to “BfA Archeological Dig and It Cannot be Unseen”

  1. Welcome back. Don’t rush to catch up. Take your time and enjoy. Getting to the end game just opens up a lot of angry feelings.

    • Thanks! I am moving pretty slow. The other day I realized there are so many mounts and things in previous expansions I want that I probably have a few years of stuff to do at this point.

      The one thing I can say about Blizzard the art and music is still consistently great to me.

  2. “I don’t know if it’s true but I recently read they are starting to hire back those positions as contractors. No benefits.”

    You read correctly.

    • Yeah, then this is just disgusting. I’m getting close to joining the Guillotine Basket Club with CEOs right now. I’ve seen calls for unionizing I wonder if it’s being considered.

      I wonder whether all the Blizzard people that could have kept him in check are just gone.

      • Not to hand-wave it, but this is becoming common practice at software companies in the US. My own company is carrying out the practice, even (over 40% headcount snapture’d, now they’re hiring them back by the ripple) 😦

  3. Tome! So lovely to see you popping up in my reader again!
    I’ve found a couple of underwater Tortollan bars, but I’m sure there are more. Whenever I take the flight path from the Great Seal to the Sliver in Dazar’alor, there’s a spot over the river where the subzone name changes to “The Dive Bar”. I keep thinking I ought to go there and check it out one of these days.

  4. Happy to see a post from you 🙂 What a cute video! And I can relate to what you describe…The challenge is to just pick from it what you enjoy and block out the rest. I wish you lots of joy in the game 🙂

    • I know, there is so much I still have to do in older expansion that I could wander around for years without even buying a new one.

      I also tend to go to places I like and just sit around for a while doing nothing. I do beach vacations at Tanaris!

  5. Glad to see you back on. I’ve gotten bored with the expansion and aren’t playing much at all. I’ve never paid for mounts but if they ever get the bumble bee mount I might have to. It seems like a ton of grinding to increase rep this expansion and it’s just wearing me out. That an I’ve wrecked my knee can can’t prop it up at my computer so I’m mostly on the phone these days. Hope things get better for you and sorry for the rambling.

    • Good to hear from you too! Oh, sorry about the knee. I hope it’s improving. Yeah, I spend way more time than I used to playing mobile games on my iPad so less in Azeroth.

      I gave up and stopped trying to get rep and just did the world quests I wanted and was surprised when I realized I had finally got everything to exalted. Course I just wanted it to buy pets!

  6. Yay, you’re back!!!!!

  7. JD Kenada Says:

    How did I miss you coming back???

    I mean, as it is you are missed.

    I don’t post because my playing time is sporadic. I might play nearly every day for three weeks, and then be gone for two months. Plus, I play on a private server so I feel like no one wants to hear about that. lol

    • Hey JD! I was wondering if you were still playing. Yeah, Legion kind of did me in with alts and I pretty much don’t know what’s going on so don’t really have much to say. Trouble is, I missed posting once in a while so here I am!

      • JD Kenada Says:

        Same here. But I had a few sporadic posts and if I came back to write, I didn’t want it to be more of that. I wanted to actually write with substance…even fluff substance.

        It’s worse because in the Private Sector, some of the stuff is easier, some is more difficult, and some of it can’t even be done (I’m looking at you, Throne of Thunder).

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