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A Possible Alt Comeback?

Posted in General WoW with tags , on May 31, 2019 by tomeoftheancient

Cat! Cat, I know you can hear me. This was not the deal. At all.

Jeeeez, If I’m being honest we both have horrible impulse control so I shouldn’t get mad at her. The deal was we would save up 300 service medals for the ring next. I mean I let her buy the pet first so she should have been able to have SOME SELF CONTROL.

But nooooooooo. It’s not even a pretty mount.

Is too!

Is not!

Okay, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Is not.


Oh, nothing Cat.

Cat also remembered there was a pet to be had from Archeology so she’s been busy doing her thing. She’s pretty good at entertaining herself. It’s all my alts I haven’t seen around.

What? I did not know that.

Cat says my very first character is thinking of getting back in the game. My Night Elf Hunter has been pretty much semi-retired but she did at least level up each expansion until now. She apparently HAS TO HAVE a Riverbeast. I hope she continues to hear the call of the Riverbeast.

My Shaman stayed in Boralus after helping with Children’s Week pets so maybe she plans on helping out there. So that’s really good news, there may be hope for these alts yet!

The Classic WoW stress test was indeed stressful. After stressing the server repeatedly asking it to let me in I gave up. I was glad to see it still up the next morning so gave it another try, success! I’m running along thinking, no surprises here. Been here. Done that.

Oh, pesky wolf. No biggie, only three levels above me. This Warlock will make short work of, OW! OW!

What is going on? Resist? What do you mean Resist. Ouch!

Yeah. Been there, done that but it appears I forgot about things like spells being resisted. And how could I ever forget my Shaman deciding to change weapons and spending a long, long time leveling up her skill with the new one.

Who knows what else I’ve forgotten so it could get real interesting. At least this time around I’d know you can’t hide behind a tree. Between my alts perking up and Classic coming, things are looking up!






It Doesn’t Take Much

Posted in Battle Pets on May 7, 2019 by tomeoftheancient

It doesn’t take much to amuse Cat. She doesn’t like the Darkshore Warfront because it reminds her of Teldrassil and it just makes her sad but she loves Stromgarde. Her idea of a good time is to run around and kill stuff and then make a um, annoying sound with her toy after the kill. Jeeeezzzz Cat, grow up.

Legion pretty much ruined alts for me. I wasn’t aware that leveling their professions and being self sufficient was pretty much why I enjoyed them. The leveling through dungeons put an end to alts for me. I got Cat leveled and that was it.

I’ve been collecting Allied Races but the poor guys don’t get leveled so don’t know why I do.

Over the years I’ve seen people say they don’t pay attention to holidays anymore. I would always think to myself, I will NEVER get like that. Yeah. I did and haven’t participated in anything but picking up gifts in Ironforge for a while now.

I saw four new pets for Children’s Week! Yay! This is great! Ooops, do I even have three more guys at 110? Let’s see, Cim leveled up to 110 went in one dungeon to level tailoring and got promptly kicked for being stupid. She was then in a snit and wouldn’t even speak to any of us so there’s Cim, that’s one if she’ll do it.

I asked and she must have been bored. She was in Boralus and done within the hour. Maybe she’ll like it and decide to stay.

Okay my Shaman is 110, she got there by sitting in Draenor leveling pets. She’s pretty agreeable unlike Cim so I knew she’d help in a quest for more pets!

That leaves Sache who I used the boost on so just enough! Her trip was a little harder as she’s the first of my Horde to set out for Bfa so she had to do the scenario. I didn’t want to miss it anyway but in the end she came through!

Four new pets with time to spare! And hopefully these guys might decide to continue to level and investigate. Got my fingers crossed. We might be able to get this alt thing going once again!