Waiting for Classic

Cat’s been doing her version of fun stuff while we wait for Classic. She was so excited to get this Voidwiggler in Arathi Highlands. She couldn’t wait to tell her Warlock friends, well, at least Sasche, that she could now have two Voids out!

I didn’t really have any names I wanted to save as my first character is still here although semi-retired and living at the moment in Highmountain because she likes it there and she still has her name, Zorakar. She has that name because I couldn’t get the one I wanted back in 2006. I wanted the name Zhora from the original Bladerunner movie but no luck.

Many, many characters got the boot along the way. My first Druid did because if I remember correctly you didn’t get cat form until level 30. I got tired of dying. Part of the problem may have been I bought and wore white quality vendor armor. Thankfully my son-in-law insisted I check out the auction house and what a difference that made.

Thinking about why I’m anxiously awaiting Classic I realized it’s pretty much sight-seeing. I can’t wait to go back to the places Cataclysm disrupted. I know some people didn’t like Darkshore but I did. It is so, so sad to go there now. In Classic I can’t wait to go back. Including Thousand Needles, Silithus, Wetlands … yep lots of traveling to do.

I created an Alliance Druid and a Warlock on Myzrael and an Undead Warrior on Mankrik. I not sure what the Warrior is about cause I can’t Warrior. I’m not sure at this point if they’ll see action as both servers are showing as high and full. Can’t figure that out as you can’t login. Maybe we all are just starring at our characters counting down the moments.

I can’t believe it, less than a week until we see pointy head squirrels once again! Strange what you miss and oh! Tanaris and Hillsbrad Foothills and and …

12 Responses to “Waiting for Classic”

  1. Hi fellow Myzrael person. Other faction representative here. 😃

  2. My first char ever in WoW was an Undead Warrior. That didn’t last long. I couldn’t warrior either. Enjoy!

    • Yeah, I keep trying to Warrior and it just never works out. I think I’m too impatient or something. I really like to put a bunch of kitty bleeds up and then dance around lol. And thanks I hope I will!

  3. Myzrael, eh? I may have to choose that locale for my Alliance toon. I reached out to my regular companions and found they’re either too busy (younger kids = lots of commitment) or aren’t as into Vanilla as, say, BC or Wrath.

    So, I’ve got a free hand at the moment as to where to start. I may have to wait a week, because commitments (and payday).

  4. I’m looking forward to giving Zul’jin a big fat hug!

  5. How fun for Cat and Sasche!
    I am also on Myzrael; I currently have a Tauren Shaman & Druid and a Human Mage reserved. I plan to add the other two Tauren classes and a Dwarf Paladin after Classic goes live — though not immediately, as a) I don’t want to deal with the initial crowds and b) I’m up for my final tenure review this year and my portfolio is due on August 30!

    • Yes, I’d say that’s a little more important! Anyway, I think you’re going to be right about the crowds. I’m pretty sure even people who won’t continue on Classic will at least want to take an initial look.

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